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Concern about the payment of the rent, the mortgage, even if the moratoriums announced on evictions, foreclosures – Local news

INDIANAPOLIS (WTHR) – As the single mother of a 7 year old son, Nicole Shanklin knows what it’s like to lose sleep to make ends meet.

“I don’t have much savings,” said Shanklin.

His concerns have only now increased with the daily uncertainties surrounding the coronavirus.

“I’m an insurance agent, luckily I’m still able to go to work for now,” he said

This could change, however. Nothing seems certain.

“I was sick to my stomach yesterday at work, thinking,” What am I going to do? “Said Shanklin.

He emailed the management of his apartment complex in Camby, looking for answers and wondering what would have happened if he didn’t have the money for next month’s rent.

“I’m good at paying my bills on time, but with everything that’s going on right now, I just don’t know,” said Shanklin.

This week, announcements by President and Governor Holcomb seem to reassure about this type of concern.

The president announced the suspension of HUD mortgage evictions and foreclosures. This only applies to single family homes with a HUD mortgage.

The apartments are considered multi-family houses.

On Thursday, Governor Holcomb announced a temporary moratorium and all evictions and foreclosures during the public health emergency.

Despite the announcement, residents of the Shanklin complex received a letter letting them know that the rent is still due.

Tim Shrout, owner of Abardeen’s apartment, told Eyewitness News once the eviction moratorium was lifted, the company allegedly filed evictions for unpaid rent. Depending on the situation, he said that they would be willing to work with tenants.

Shrout also released a statement saying:

“The owners and team dedicated to Mgmt of Samaritan properties at the Aberdeen apartments have been and will continue to be 100% transparent with our esteemed residents in this world-changing event that changes daily and challenges all our ways of life. Our goal is to continue providing assistance and support to our residents as government entities change the rules in response to the need to fight this virus. We will provide clarity when no one is obvious, we will follow the rules and guidelines 100% and continue to show compassion as we all work as unified people to overcome this event and get out of the other side completely. We will request eviction for those who are late in the rental as the lease allows. This is the legal right / obligation for all residents. So, depending on the circumstances at the time, we will decide whether the removal or the grace to recover the rent is the right way to go. It is difficult to know what the mandates or circumstances of the government are at the time, for example whether the refund could be available through a public payment. We will certainly operate on the side of our residents and go through every possible break to avoid further interruptions in their lives. “

When Shanklin and his son stretch their heads tonight, they will hope that this can happen.

“This is my prayer tonight,” said Shanklin.


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