Saturday, 20 Oct 2018

Concerns around the Linky counter in Boulay-Moselle and Lorraine

Concerns around the Linky counter in Boulay-Moselle and Lorraine

Photo credits: the deployment of the Linky meter is not done without raising fears in Lorraine (Enedis)

It is green and yellow. His pose began at the end of 2015 and will end in 2021. 35 million copies will have been implanted all over France. Here is Linky, the new intelligent and communicating electricity meter. Almost entirely installed in Boulay-Moselle, this little digital box worries.

Since the “energy transition law” of August 18, 2015, the French government has launched a huge program of installation of new electricity meters called “smart”. In total, 35 million of these “communicating” Linky meters will be installed throughout France by 2021. 250,000 in Lorraine and nine million in France have already been installed, at a rate of 30,000 / day. By the end of 2018, one out of two Lorraine households will be equipped. In April, 25,000 counters were already in Boulay.

Why smart and communicating meters?

The deployment of Linky began in November 2017 in Boulay and will end in June 2021 on the community of municipalities by Téterchen and Remering. The setting up of these smart meters is a legal obligation. It finds its basis in a European directive of 2009, transposed into French law in 2010. Enedis “sells” this new meter as an “essential” instrument of the energy transition to “better manage the balance between production and consumption” and “bill actual consumption instead of estimated consumption “. The economic stakes are enormous, the investments and the huge resources deployed, between five and eight billion euros. After the blue and white meters, the Linky meter is the third and last generation of electric meter. It is called “communicating” because it transmits information remotely using the technology of the Power Line Current (PLC) which superimposes electrical current of the sector and high frequency signal.

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