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Concerns around the Linky counter in Boulay-Moselle and Lorraine

Concerns around the Linky counter in Boulay-Moselle and Lorraine

Photo credits: the deployment of the Linky meter is not done without raising fears in Lorraine (Enedis)

It is green and yellow. His pose began at the end of 2015 and will end in 2021. 35 million copies will have been implanted all over France. Here is Linky, the new intelligent and communicating electricity meter. Almost entirely installed in Boulay-Moselle, this little digital box worries.

Since the “energy transition law” of August 18, 2015, the French government has launched a huge program of installation of new electricity meters called “smart”. In total, 35 million of these “communicating” Linky meters will be installed throughout France by 2021. 250,000 in Lorraine and nine million in France have already been installed, at a rate of 30,000 / day. By the end of 2018, one out of two Lorraine households will be equipped. In April, 25,000 counters were already in Boulay.

Why smart and communicating meters?

The deployment of Linky began in November 2017 in Boulay and will end in June 2021 on the community of municipalities by Téterchen and Remering. The setting up of these smart meters is a legal obligation. It finds its basis in a European directive of 2009, transposed into French law in 2010. Enedis “sells” this new meter as an “essential” instrument of the energy transition to “better manage the balance between production and consumption” and “bill actual consumption instead of estimated consumption “. The economic stakes are enormous, the investments and the huge resources deployed, between five and eight billion euros. After the blue and white meters, the Linky meter is the third and last generation of electric meter. It is called “communicating” because it transmits information remotely using the technology of the Power Line Current (PLC) which superimposes electrical current of the sector and high frequency signal.

Grumbling and fears

This new yellow and green digital box is presented to users as an innovation that would only have benefits. Installed at the pace of charge by Enedis, it raises a wave of resistance and concern among individuals, including privacy and exposure to magnetic fields. Sophie and André d’Halling-lès-Boulay refuse it: “It’s like tobacco and asbestos, the dangers are denied. No precautionary principle. No consultation, no information, mystery about the data and their exploitation. The installer agreed with our approach and was not ready to ask one at home, “they said, adding that their parents had problems after the installation of Linky. Each time the device was turned on, the meter disrupted. What about this Boulageois who, on December 17, the day after the installation, saw some of his electrical appliances “grilled”, TV, decoders, radio, printer, phones, etc.

As for Monique de Boulay, her phone, her boiler and her lamps do anything and no assistance is provided. In addition, the Court of Accounts has just given a red card to Linky. The latter considers indeed the “expensive device for the consumer but advantageous for Enedis”. It also believes that “the gains that meters can bring to consumers are still insufficient. ”

What about electrosensitive?

Electromagnetic waves are everywhere. Invisible, they surround us and cross the bodies. For the moment, scientists are trying to scramble the tracks. Their studies alternate between alarmist and reassuring speeches: contradictory messages anxiety that fuel rumors. For Paule *, the syndrome of intolerance to electromagnetic fields, she knows. It has been electrosensitive (EHS) for about ten years, as 5 to 8% of the population. Soon retired, working in a public institution, she lives in a village in the eastern Moselle countryside. “The first symptoms appeared when I was near a running microwave. Headaches, accentuated by the phone I used professionally. This hypersensitivity has continued to evolve. I feel the 4G at my neighbor and the proximity of mobile phones impacts me directly and hard. I do not go to certain places, where everyone draws his laptop: public places, queues, shows, restaurants, train, etc. I sleep badly, my sleep is disturbed by the intensity of the waves. It’s hell. I have a feeling of discomfort, discomfort and intense headaches. What is this delirium to want to drive everything by the waves: 4G soon 5G, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, CPL, antenna relay? “Calmly explains Paule, who has a medical file underway to recognize his disability, this syndrome excluding. But, like all EHS, she is the victim of massive propaganda to deny reality, especially to classify them as “imaginary sick”. Thus, Enedis considers the electromagnetic radiation CPL, which sends 24/24 information in the form of electrical signal “as harmless as the waves of a laptop”! The EDF subsidiary omits to talk about concentrators, there will be 34 in Boulay, these mini-relay antennas charged to communicate via Wi-Fi the data sent by Linky. In these conditions, Paule will refuse and adds “I find it foolish that we set up a national system without being sure of its safety. This frenzy of the public powers scares me: it is David against Goliath. I try to remain positive, not to give up, especially thanks to the association “Priartem” which defends electrosensibles in France. But, in 2021, could I still live in my house, which is still my comfort zone and health safety zone? For how long ? ”

Enedis lyrics

Frédérique Lava-Stien is territorial director at Enedis Moselle, in charge of relations with all the elected representatives of the institutional and economic world.

“ERDF, a wholly-owned subsidiary of EDF, created in 2008, which became Enedis in 2016, is a public service that manages 95% of the distribution of electricity in France on behalf of local authorities, owners of electricity networks. . In Moselle, Enedis employs 330 people in 13 operating sites. 180 jobs, thirteen in Boulay, were created to install Linky. Agiscom is one of sixteen subcontractors chosen for the installation. Deployment began in December 2015 in Greater Nancy. The pace of installation follows its normal course and the acceptability is very good on the territory with 1% of refusal. Without the success of this project of general interest, there is no energy transition. Old meters are recycled by Lorraine Atelier in Rombas. ”

Some numbers

These figures from this month of April illustrate the growing concern and opposition to this counter that electrifies the debates:

  • 580 municipalities, including Hunting, Sérémange and Seingbouse in Moselle, voted “no to the installation of Linky”;
  • Nearly 1,000 “Anti-Linky” collectives have emerged, notably at Yutz and Distroff;
  • More than 3,800 people are taking legal action against Enedis;
  • Linky is believed to have caused 71 fires since the beginning of the year.

* The name has been changed.

Jean-Marie MATHE, media passionate and local correspondent, for the BLE Lorraine Group.

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