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conditions, amount … What we know

EXCEPTIONAL HELP CORONAVIRUS. The contours of this financial aid for families in difficulty during this period of health crisis must be formalized this Wednesday, after the Council of Ministers. Linternaute.com takes stock of what we know.

[Mis à jour le 15 avril 2020 à 09h09] Partial unemployment, unemployment … Many French people for whom this period of coronavirus health crisis has a direct impact on the resources of their homes. To support low-income families in difficulty, the President of the Republic announced the immediate payment of financial assistance. According to daily information The echoes, a billion euros should be devoted to this exceptional device. This aid, which will a priori be paid by the CAF (Family Allowance Fund), must be revealed in detail this Wednesday, after the Council of Ministers. What are the conditions ? Can you benefit from it? When will it be paid? We take stock of all the information that has already been disclosed.

According to The Parisian, this financial aid would be modeled on theback to school allowance (ARS) of CAF, and should therefore benefit families already receiving the back-to-school bonus, ie three million families in difficulty. Small nuance, help can also be extended to families with children under the age of six.

What should we deduce from it? Like the back-to-school allowance, this exceptional assistance will be dependent on household resources and family composition – in other words, the number of dependent children. As a reminder, families must not exceed an income ceiling. Here, as an indication, the thresholds not to be exceeded to receive the back-to-school bonus in 2020:

  • For a family with a dependent child: € 25,093
  • For a family with two dependent children: € 30,883
  • For a family with three dependent children: € 36,675
  • Per additional dependent child: € 5,791

Can we expect these same ceilings to apply to receive exceptional assistance for low-income families? For the time being, the contours of this device have not yet been revealed. Several media report that beneficiaries of social minima, such as the RSA, could also be included.

Will it be comparable to that of the back-to-school allowance, and thus reach several hundred euros? According to information from Parisian and Echoes, the amount of the aid will, this time, be based on that of the christmas bonus CAF, just over 150 euros for a single person. The amount of aid should be adjusted according to the composition of the family. It should reach 320 euros for a couple with two children and 229 euros for a single mother with a child, indicates the economic daily. As a reminder, the associations had requested aid of 250 euros per person.

Asked on the subject during questions to the Assembly, the Prime Minister said that the payment should take place “by mid-May”. According to Le Parisien et les Echos, financial assistance will be paid in one lump sum from the Family Allowance Fund (CAF) by summer 2020.

The President of the Republic promised during his speech. Aid will be paid to students who encounter financial difficulties and who “live far from their families”. Aid comparable to that provided for families in difficulty should see the light of day. Its contours have not yet been specified.

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