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Conditions that allow cancer patients to be treated at home

Elshinta.com – In general, there are several conditions that allow cancer patients to undergo treatment at home, one of which is that there is no threat of airway or respiratory problems, said Clinical Care Manager at Inpatient Hospital Universitas Indonesia, Ns. Liya Arista, M.Kep, Sp.Kep.MB.

“What is certain is that the main assessment is based on the assessment of the doctor who treats the patient. The medical team will prepare a discharge plan before the patient returns home so that the patient can return home safely and the patient and family are ready to carry out treatment,” he said as quoted from the RSUI press release, Saturday.

Furthermore, Liya mentioned other conditions that allow cancer patients to undergo patient care at home, namely the patient gets a fairly good nutritional intake, the symptoms of nausea and vomiting are controlled and pain is controlled by administering analgesics.

The next condition, namely there are no signs in the patient that leads to infectious conditions such as fever and others, the majority of drugs can be taken orally or given topically and there are caregiver who is ready to care for the patient at home.

Liya also explained things that need to be prepared by the patient’s family at home, namely home conditions that are conducive and safe and comfortable for patients as well as medical devices that adjust to the patient’s condition and the type of disease experienced.

Some things that need to be prepared are a room with sufficient lighting and good air circulation, affordable toilets (position on the same floor as the room), non-slip floors, good lighting and circulation and if possible with a toilet seat and a safety handrail on the wall.

Other things that also need to be prepared include beds according to the size of the patient, if the patient is totally dependent and possible, he can use a bed like in a hospital so that it can be adjusted for the back position and there is a protective fence beside the bed.

“If not, can use regular bedding which is important to make sure the bed is always clean,” said Liya.

Decubitus mattress (which contains air) to prevent pressure sores in patients who are totally dependent and immobilized, oxygen cylinders and pulse oximeter, wheelchairs (especially needed if the patient wants to leave the house or just move from the room to see the outside or surrounding environment), equipment for treatment Wounds and tools for personal hygiene are also things that the patient needs, so the family should be prepared.

The next thing that needs to be prepared is a special cupboard for storing medicines which temperature and humidity are controlled to maintain the quality of the medicine as well as emergency telephone numbers and other supporting facilities needed when an emergency occurs.

Liya said that there were several danger signs and the patient’s emergency had to be immediately taken to the nearest health service. According to him, knowledge for early detection of emergency signs at home is important for a person caregiver.

The emergency signs in question include a sudden decrease in the patient’s consciousness, the patient becomes difficult to wake up, sleeps deeply and for a long time and does not respond when called or even given painful stimuli.

Other signs, the patient’s oxygen saturation is less than 90-95 percent, the patient’s breath looks fast, pale lips and hands look bluish, the patient has frequent nausea and vomiting, looks weak and doesn’t want to eat or drink.

In addition, the patient experienced diarrhea with a frequency of more than 3 times a day with the consistency of liquid stool without pulp, the frequency of urination was little or no urine came out, the patient had seizures, allergies occurred after taking certain drugs with red skin signs, or swelling in certain areas of the body even to shortness of breath and bleeding.

Treatment of cancer patients is considered to be very fundamental in recovering their condition. Apart from being in the hospital, it is also possible for patients to undergo treatment at home after receiving a recommendation from the treating doctor. Treatment of cancer patients at home is considered to increase comfort and help improve their mood.

According to Liya, under certain conditions there is a phase where patients with advanced cancer have reached a stage where they cannot be treated. Some patients with this condition feel more comfortable being treated at home than in a hospital. This condition is often referred to as palliative care. Determination of palliative status requires a special assessment of the physician treating the patient and the healthcare team using specific medical assessment parameters. Usually the doctor will provide education if the patient is already in the palliative category.

However, treating cancer patients at home is not without challenges. Some patients or their families are usually uncomfortable while in the hospital which has an impact on their psychological conditions. Patient care at home can also reduce the risk of transmitting infection from other patients in the hospital (nosocomial infection). Cancer patients are a group that is prone to immune disorders. Especially during the current COVID-19 pandemic, patients who leave the house are vulnerable to contracting the disease due to the corona virus infection. Therefore, treating cancer patients at home requires special readiness both in terms of knowledge, expertise, and resources from the family or community caregiver.

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