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Confidences: Laeticia: “I could not tell Johnny that he had three months to live”

When the rocker was diagnosed with cancer, his wife asked doctors not to tell the artist how long he had to live. A decision that she assumes, because the fight finally lasted 15 months.

Læticia Hallyday during her interview with “Sept à Huit” this Sunday, October 18, 2020

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It was during an interview for “Sept à Huit” this Sunday, October 18 that Læticia Hallyday returned to several moments in Johnny’s life. She talks in particular about his final road trip across America, in 2016, a few months before his death as well as when the doctors told him he had cancer.

During this unique trip “he is very tired, but he did not know he was sick.” “I felt over the phone that he was weakened, fragile. He did not show his suffering to his friends, but he shared everything with me. He shared his great fatigue. He was very afraid of not going to the end of this road trip. I went to meet them in the middle of the trip, in Sante Fe with the girls. I saw he was out of breath and struggling to breathe and that worried me a lot. We went to the hospital with his attending physician. We thought that it was going to be an infection and that we were going to be able to operate but we could not operate ”, explains the widow of the rocker. The reason? Johnny was “in stage 4 of aggressive cancer”. It was then that “the fight began”.

Audrey Crespo-Mara then asked Læticia Hallyday if Johnny knew he was condemned. “He didn’t know that, because I’m not going to tell him. But to me I am told that he has three months to live. At that moment, everything collapses, everything. We’re down to one knee. We don’t know what to do, how to tell him, how he’s going to put up with it, how he’s going to fight. Is he going to have the courage? I spent the night in the hospital with him and he said, ‘Tell me what this is. Is it cancer? Am I going to die? ” And I couldn’t tell him. It was not the moment and it was not for me to tell him, ”she says with emotion.

It was the doctors the next day who finally told Johnny that he was ill. “I had prepared him for this. I had prepared him to hear that it was not good news and that we were going to start a war and a fight. ” Læticia Hallyday specifies that she asked that Johnny not be aware that he had it for three months. A choice she assumes: “I was right. I don’t regret it today because the fight lasted fifteen months and I believe it would not have lasted that long if he had been told the truth. “


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