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confirmed cases and today’s news Covid-19


This phase corresponds only to imported cases, which are those in which infected persons acquired the virus outside the country.

At this stage the number of affected is small and their contacts are identified.

The measurements are:

Isolation of diagnosed patients, identification of contacts, supervision of those infected and follow-up of those who were in contact with them.


These are infections by local transmission, that is, they acquired the virus from a source within the country. The number of affected exceeds hundreds.

The measurements are:

Targeted sanitary containment is used in the areas where the majority of infections are registered and the suspension of activities within them.


At this stage there is a widespread spread and thousands of people are affected by the virus.

Propagation chains are difficult to break, requiring the most drastic strategies.

The measurements are:

Mass activities must be suspended, as well as school activities, among others.


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