Connected garbage cans invest the streets of Colombes


She proudly sits on the forecourt of Colombes town hall, overlooking the market established below. 1 m 30 high, 65 cm wide, its green dress attracts the eye curious passersby.

This new generation trash can, on the square since mid-June, alerts its filling status with colored lights and compacts the waste automatically. All in a totally autonomous way thanks to its operation with solar energy.

"It can store energy even if there is no light or when it is installed under a tree," says Christelle Thérèze, head of the cleanliness department at the town hall.

Objective: collections divided by 5

"A connected trash can hold 600 liters, compared to just 120 liters for a classic. Ultimately, this will allow us to divide by five the frequencies of collection, "she continues. That's a 65% drop in waste collection costs.

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For the municipality, it is about using the evolution of technologies. "You have to know how to move forward, it's the future, everything becomes connected", we slip into town hall. The inhabitants are rather convinced. "I think it's a good idea, it's useful to make Colombes cleaner," says Marie-José. Sylvie, she regrets that the city does not go further: "I find it unfortunate that these garbage cans do not sorting. "

A little bit of trouble at startup

For their part, the cleaners are satisfied with this new tool, even if they used the system D to overcome small technical problems. "At the beginning, the container blinked all the time in red, it reported to be full, says Christophe Navarro, the manager of the cleanliness department. In fact, the plastic bag went up and froze in front of the sensor. So we had to put an elastic around the tray to prevent the bag from moving. "

For reasons of budget, there is no question of replacing immediately the 800 baskets of unconnected streets scattered throughout the city. For the moment, the city council wants to install 15 of these "2.0 bins" at the beginning of August in busy places such as Colombes, Stade, Vallées, in front of the Maison des Jeunes and Culture, or still on the sector of the small Colombes.


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