Considered a mockery of Phil Jones, Twitter apologizes to MU


Twitter considered to have made fun Phil Jones, defender Manchester United. The virtual world platform then apologizes to The Red Devils.

On Tuesday (11/8) local time, Twitter England made a joke about Phil Jones. They asked about a better player than the English footballer.

“Name a better footballer than Phil Jones?” tweeted.

The tweet elicited mixed reactions from netizens. However, most of them were annoyed because they thought Twitter was mocking Jones, referring to the stigma of the 28-year-old defender who often made blunders at MU.

Moreover, Twitter itself has a feature to stop bullying in cyberspace. They are campaigning on social media without bullying and unpleasant comments.

How, Twitter allows users to choose who can comment on their status. And Jones’s tweet turned out to be trying out the feature.

Reported by the Daily Mail, officials at MU are reportedly not happy with the tweet. They reportedly directly contacted Twitter.

Twitter spokesman also responded to this. They admit that they are actually trying out their new features, and promise to delete their tweets.

“Our goal is to showcase our new product feature, namely control of the conversation, which allows you to choose who can reply to Tweets,” Twitter said.

“It was not our intention to be angry and as soon as we realized our mistake we immediately deleted the Tweet,” he explained.

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