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“It’s huge, exclaims Thierry Giasson at the end of the line. It’s more than the people who vote for the Parti Québécois, it’s more than the people who vote for Québec solidaire. ”

When work resumes in the National Assembly, it will be necessary to “take note” of the situation and talk to these people, insists the professor specializing in political communication. A large demonstration of conspirators is also scheduled for 4 p.m. in front of the Quebec parliament.

“There seems to be (…) a concern for the notions of transparency,” he said. People say that a lot of information (…) does not circulate.

“I think that if we show (…) openness and listening, we can perhaps think of establishing a dialogue.”

Researchers at the University of Sherbrooke revealed Monday that about 18% of Canadians subscribed to conspiratorial ideas at the start of the summer.

A survey by the National Institute of Public Health of Quebec conducted among 1,000 Quebecers further suggests that 23% of respondents believe that the virus causing COVID-19 was created in the laboratory.

It should also be remembered that 10,000 people demonstrated in Montreal on Saturday against the mandatory wearing of masks and the imposition of new fines of up to $ 6,000.

Thierry Giasson believes that the government will have to do educational work and “deconstruct” each of the messages conveyed by the conspirators, while refraining from treating them as “illuminated”.

“If we want people to adhere to health instructions, we will have to clearly explain to them why,” said Mr. Giasson during an interview where it was about the return to parliament.

“Are there 20% of illuminated in Quebec? I hope not, otherwise we’re off to a bad start. “

According to him, the Legault government “understood” that there was a “message delivery issue”. It is now the Minister of Health, Christian Dubé, who is the ball carrier.

“He’s very sympathetic, Dr (Horacio) Arruda, but sometimes there are clarity issues,” says Giasson. He is there, he does not disappear, but he talks less. “

The opposition parties, for their part, will have to find the right tone in the House, faced with a government of the Coalition futur Quebec still popular in the opinion polls.

“They will not want to turn public opinion on their backs”, sums up the professor, who emphasizes that the oppositions should not be too conciliatory either, under penalty of displeasing their members.

“They are between the tree and the bark,” he dropped.

The start of the parliamentary term on Tuesday will be very different from the others: already, COVID-19 has sidelined the head of the official opposition, Dominique Anglade.

She announced on social networks on Monday that she had to go into quarantine because her eight-year-old daughter is experiencing symptoms similar to those of COVID-19 and will be tested.

The fact that a leader of the official opposition is absent for a fall return is unprecedented.

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