Consumption, Confimprese report: Florence black jersey of Italy

A report by the EY-Confimprese Observatory has been released which analyzes the trend in market consumption in October 2020 in the clothing and accessories, food & beverage (served catering, quick service and bar) and non-food (retail cosmetics, furniture, services) sectors. , culture).

The economic picture that emerged at national level is serious: the decline in October 2020 compared to 2019 stood at -24.7%, worsening compared to -13.5% in September. The annual progressive 2020 vs 2019 thus stands at -33.5%. The Florentine figure stands out: the worst in all of Italy.

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Restaurants still suffered at -27.2%, clothing was also bad with -26.5%, non-food contained the damage with -12.2%. The situation is decisively worsening due to the restrictions adopted in October with the closure of shopping centers on weekends.

Travel confirms its black jersey with -64.6% in the month and -60.3% over the year. Therefore, the desertification of airports and stations continues due to the lack of foreign tourism and related activities in commerce, bars and restaurants, which are consequently reflected on the entire supply chain.

Florence black jersey of Italy

In terms of trends by region, however, Tuscany records -27.6% and Florence regains the scepter of the worst city, with -42.8% and -41% in the annual progress (followed by Genoa with -37.6%, Brescia -36.3% and Milan -36.2%)

But it is all the Tuscan provinces that perform badly, with for example Livorno at -24.4% and Lucca -25.9%.

November, first negative data

Furthermore, a flash survey by the Confimprese Research Center shows that in the first 2 weeks of November the restrictive policies have a strong impact on the performance of the catering and non-food retail sector.

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The criticalities of the catering sector are accentuated with a strongly negative trend in sales and an average decline of -46.7% compared to the corresponding period of 2019.

Clothing and accessories saw sales decline by -48%, non-food limited the damage with a drop in sales of -19.3%.

The surveys in shopping centers are also bad, showing a decrease in admissions of 51% respectively in the first week of November with a further deterioration to 60% in the second, which suggests an even more negative end of the month.

Covid crisis: Tuscany, 10 billion of consumption burned

“The month of October freezes the slow recovery in consumption – comments Mario Maiocchi, director of the Confimprese Study Center -. The introduction of restrictive measures in large areas in some regions and in catering, together with a climate of concern for the reinvigoration of infections and the confusion generated in consumers by a succession of rules and limitations in continuous change and national, regional and municipal overlap, have contributed to this sudden reversal of trend. The fear is that an alternation of similar periods may still be envisaged for the next few months at the first lockdown (-77.9%) and at the post lockdown (-21.4%) with the serious consequences that can be imagined on the stability of the sector “.

“Sales in the non-food and catering retail sectors – declares Paolo Lobetti Bodoni, business consulting leader Italy EY – have shown to be strongly linked to the measures to limit the opening of stores, while the consumer has shown that, where possible, wants to go back to spending and having a social life. For the month of November we expect different decreases depending on the timing of the regions in adopting restrictive measures to the various commercial activities. To give an example, in October there are already 20 points of difference in catering between the worst channel, high street -39%, and the best, outlet -19% “.

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