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Containment isn’t the only good reason to subscribe to Xbox Game Pas Ultimate

Amazon today offers a great discount for the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. The 6 months subscription costs 3, or only 38.99 euros … so half the price. Find all the details below.

You have to know how to take care during this period of confinement, but this rather favorable constraint to indulge in video games is not the only reason today to subscribe to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, the service which gives unlimited access to over a hundred essential titles from the Microsoft catalog. No, the subscription is available today at half-price, to play for 6 months instead of 3!

In short

  • Half price subscription
  • With all the benefits of Xbox Live Gold
  • And more than 100 unlimited games available, including some new ones

The 3 months + 3 months offered for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate are now available at 38.99 euros on Amazon. Monthly, this comes down to just 6.50 euros per month instead of 12.99.

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate offer is also available on fnac.com.

Note that the second code will be sent by email within 7 days of purchase and will be activated before May 15, 2020. The first code is valid for one year.

Find out more ????

The Xbox Game Pass Ultimate combines the Xbox Live Gold and the Xbox Game Pass PC / Console in a single subscription!

First, Xbox Live Gold is a subscription just like PlayStation Plus. The latter allows you to get free games every month according to a selection, as well as many advantages and discounts on certain offers. It is also essential to play online on the Xbox One console.

Then the Xbox Game Pass is a little different service. It allows access to more than a hundred video games, both on the Microsoft console and on the PC. Not to confuse this subscription with xCloud, Microsoft’s cloud gaming service. That said, it allows you to download many titles, including the oldest like Resident Evil 4, Minecraft, Forza 4, Rocket League or Mortal Kombat X, but also some new features with Life is Strange 2 (up to l ‘episode 5) and Kingdom Hearts III, for example.

That’s not all, Microsoft exclusives are also featured on the platform, including the availability of the new Ori and the Will of the Wisps.

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