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Conte dances on the Mes. Winds of crisis, so the 5 Stars freeze Zingaretti – Il Tempo

Minister Patuanelli: let’s not change our mind. Poisonous Buffagni: “Should we run? I don’t see cheetahs among the dem”

The 5 star Movement does not change its mind on the Mes. The “resources never seen” that the secretary of the Democratic Party Nicola ZIngaretti wants the government to accept to revolutionize healthcare find the distrust of the government ally. With premeir Giuseppe Conte increasingly in difficulty. “The position of the Movement does not change,” said Minister of Economic Development, Stefano Patuanelli, member of the 5 Star Movement, on the use of European funds for the coronavirus crisis at Affariitaliani.it after the insistence of the Democratic Party and the Zingaretti’s appeal published today by Corriere della Sera: “The government can no longer prevaricate”.

Zingaretti quivers for the Mes.  Appeal to Conte and M5s: let's take that money

Friendly fire also fueled by Stefano Buffagni, Deputy Minister of Development Grill: “The Pd should first spend the money that their ministers have in their wallet and that their Region presidents have for health and are not spending. Over the 16 billion that we they are already for investments. The country needs to spend the money allocated to restart the economy and not to campaign on an instrument that has become a flag “. An attack on the Democratic Party and on Zingaretti himself. “I share the need to accelerate and start running and I don’t seem to have any gods
cheetahs “, the final trip by Buffagni.

Comparison to the assault: against the crisis the EU peddles morphine


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