Contract teacher appointment results announced | MEB teacher appointment result inquiry screen

The appointment of a total of 20 thousand contract teachers in different branches was made by MEB. The appointment results of 20 thousand contracted teachers for the positions, whose preferences were taken on 9-13 March, can be displayed by entering the necessary information through the state system. Here is the inquiry page of 20 thousand teacher appointment results …

The Ministry of National Education (MoNE) has appointed 20,000 contract teachers. Results; ri e can be learned through the state system. The appointed teachers now wonder how the process will continue from now on. In this context, you can read the necessary information in the rest of the news.


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The results of the appointment made on the computer will be announced on the Ministry’s // ​​website.

Appointment decrees will be sent electronically to the provincial national education directorates. The electronic mail addresses specified by the applicants will be notified electronically in accordance with the Notification Law No. 7201. Candidates will be responsible for the legal consequences if the e-mail address is incorrect or incomplete or inactive.


The following documents will be requested from those appointed as contracted teachers during the process of starting the job:

Passport photo (6) taken in the last six months,
Declaration of goods (to be obtained from the provincial national education directorates),
Approved copy of the Electronic Application Form,
Pedagogical Formation Document from those who submitted official text instead of Pedagogical Formation Document during application.
A medical board report to be obtained from a full-fledged hospital stating that he has no obstacles to his teaching position in terms of health status,
A document showing the current judicial record is requested.

Assigned to this section, “11.3.” will apply to the provincial national education directorates to which they are appointed together with the documents specified in the article. Those who submit the required documents in full will be signed and started to work; Documents with missing documents or those with missing documents will not be launched.

Documents submitted with their declarations in the Electronic Application Form will be evaluated by the provincial national directorates and those who do not have a barrier to start their duties will be initiated; Those who are hesitant about starting the task will be notified to the General Directorate of the Personnel Appointment for Teachers for evaluation.


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Criminal interrogation document belonging to those who have the phrase “There is a criminal record record” in the criminal interrogation document and a court decision related to it will be provided and sent to the Directorate of Personnel Assignment Department of the General Directorate of Personnel. These candidates
will be processed in accordance with the decision of the Ministry.

For the ones who hesitate to start the job in line with the statements in the report of the health board to be taken from a full-fledged hospital that he / she does not prevent him from performing his teaching duty in terms of the desired health status during the beginning of the duty, an opinion will be asked from the Directorate of Personnel Assignment Department of the General Directorate of Personnel.

Those whose appointments are notified to them will apply to the provincial national education directorates to which they have been appointed to start working within 15 days of the notification date, together with the required documents.


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