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Control: Free game from December 26, 2021 on the Epic Games Store – Breakflip

Every day during the holidays starting at 5 p.m., Epic Games is giving away one free game to all players. Control is also free for 24 hours on the EGS.

Every week, Epic Games offers a game that can be obtained for free on its platform. For Christmas it’s not a game a week, but one game per day which is offered ! This offer lasts 14 days, from December 16, and therefore allows you to collect 14 games for free.

In this December 26, that’s the game Control which is offered by the publisher on theEpic Games Store. Find out everything there is to know about this game!

Control is the free game from December 26th on the Epic Games Store

From 5 p.m. this Sunday, December 26, you have 24 hours to add Control game for free to your Epic Games Store library, on the occasion of the 14 games offered by Epic Games. If you do not know this game, its description is as follows:

“Control tells the story of Jesse Faden and her personal quest for answers as she takes on her new role as Director. The world of Control has its own history, as do the allies Jesse will make over time. While Jesse cooperates with other Bureau agents, she uncovers strange experiences and secrets. “

Originally priced at € 31.99 (source), you can enjoy Control for free thanks to the Epic Games offer. Be careful though, you only have 24 hours to add this game to your library.. It is then yours for life, and you can install it whenever you want to play it.


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