July 22, 2019

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Controversial CETA agreement: how will MEPs vote on Tuesday

The government has already given the green light in early July and the treaty is finally already in force for two years. But the vote scheduled for Tuesday in the Assembly should definitely endorse the ratification by France of the free trade agreement between the EU and Canada (Ceta), fought by the opposition but also criticized by various organizations of the civil society.

On the eve of this consultation in the hemicycle, the ecologist Nicolas Hulot however came to disturb the certainties of the majority. The former minister of Emmanuel Macron on Monday called the deputies to have "the courage to say no" to the treaty which, according to him, opens the door to dangerous substances by a lowering of sanitary standards. A message sent especially to LREM parliamentarians who should follow the will of the government and be enough to pass the "yes". If it is unlikely to change their minds, return to the positions of each party on this thorny issue.

Pushed by LREM-MoDem, despite some doubts

"I prefer to have the courage to say YES to an agreement that is beneficial to our economy and our jobs. A strict agreement on health and environmental issues, obtained through the work of the government and parliamentarians, "replied directly to the ecologist LREM spokesperson Aurore Bergé. "Nicolas Hulot wants to redeem himself a virginity while it is he who assumed the government plan of action of Ceta," for his part tapped a member of the majority France Info. A few abstentions could be registered at the margin among the LREMs, but not to the point of upsetting the balance.

On the side of the MoDem allies, a priori no big turbulence to predict. The elected of the Vienna Nicolas Turquois notably spoke in the hemicycle to defend the agreement. On the other hand, the deputy of Loiret Richard Ramos warned that he would vote against.

As for the ecologist close to Nicolas Hulot Matthieu Orphelin, who left the group LREM after disagreements, he announced that he would vote against.

The ecological deputies in the continuity

If they do not have a group in the assembly, the ecológic elected representatives have greatly and long ago expressed themselves against the treaty. Nicolas Hulot "is right to insist on the gravity of the issue and on this power that holds each member to say no to a trade treaty that accelerates and worsens climate change," said Monday the President and President of Generation Ecology Delphine Batho.

The PS notes the "contradictions" of LREM

The Socialist Party also denounces a text "incompatible with the Paris agreements" and no real "climate veto" despite the assertions of the majority. This Monday, Olivier Faure, first secretary of the party, said that "the anger that (l) 'animates is to see people who go in the morning listen to Greta Thunberg (the young ecologist represents invited to speak on global warming in the Assembly) and the afternoon that will vote the Ceta. How can one be so contradictory, "he pretended to question.

France rebels standing wind

"What's happening on the Ceta is very serious, so serious that if we create the conditions of the contagion so that everyone understands what it is about, many French would fold luggage – for those who went on vacation – and come back from the beach to protest! For its part assured the deputy of France rebellious Adrien Quatennens, in adequacy with his group. "If this treaty applies, multinationals will have more power than political power," feared the elected of the North.

"Animals fed with animal blood meal, dehydrated animal blood, hydrolysed animal hair … that's what you'll have to eat! "As for him launched François Ruffin in committee. And boss Jean-Luc Mélenchon to recall that it's been three years since he fought against the free trade agreement. Last week, the Bouches-du-Rhône MP even cracked a video to explain to the French, with his words, what was Ceta.

Republicans fear for beef

"We will not vote for the ratification of Ceta, because we want the beef sector to be removed from the agreement," warned last week the head of deputies LR, Christian Jacob. A priori no change since, the candidate for the presidency of the party warns against a "double risk" on beef: "sanitary" and "destabilization of the sector".

For similar reasons, IDUs and independents should be divided between a "vigilant abstention" and a vote against Libertés and Territories also see "too much agreement for the cattle industry."

The National Gathering against "Wild Globalization"

"Ceta embodies this wild globalization that opposes a humanist vision of the world," said Marine Le Pen. And the head of the National Gathering warns: "Like the vast majority of French people, we do not want this Canada-EU Free Trade Agreement, and we will vote against this ratification bill! "

Moreover, according to the elected of the Pas-de-Calais, "the vote in the Assembly will clearly show who among the deputies, is really on the side of our farmers, the ecology and health of the French. "