Controversy erupts over Tania Llasera's new collection of sandals


It is customary to see how celebrities create their own brands and clothing lines. Now, it has been
Tania Llasera
who has put on sale a collection of sandals, along with the Spanish footwear firm 5yMedio, created by Clara Alfaro and Álvaro Unzurruzaga, and with which the motto of the brand follows: "Shoes for non-conformist women. Addicted to the heels abstain ». But, despite the fact that many of her followers have praised her designs, the networks have "exploded" against her because of the high price of the product, which has been described as "exorbitant".

At a cost of 145 euros, the "Tanias" have been exhausted in some sizes but, in turn, have generated negative comments: "What a barbarity!", "When you do some for mileuristas you warn me" or "From 80 You can have a quality shoe, you do not have to spend that much, "his fans wrote indignantly on Instagram. On the other hand, others did not like the design: "Ugh, planes at all … horror!", "They seem ugly to me", "They are horrible and not very combinable". On the other hand, some opinions support the hostess and the price she has decided to put: "In the pharmacy they charge you one hundred euros for horrible ones".

 See this post on Instagram Very happy with the reception of my namesake shoes in @ 5ymedioshoes, they are selling like donuts ladies! Millions of thanks! You will see how comfortable our #healthysexywalk is

A shared post by ⚡️Tania Llasera⚡️ (@taniallasera) on Jun 25, 2019 at 11:23 PDT

 Despite the debate that has led to the cost of her new collection of sandals, Tania has wanted to stay on the sidelines and promote her product on Instagram. These shoes are made with soft goat leather, double buckle, with the possibility of removing the upper, leather sole and anti-fatigue insole. As for color, they are available in whiskey, ivory, taupe, turmeric and burgundy.

The hostess usually combines her "looks" with flat shoes because, as she has confessed, she has a "complicated foot" and bunions. Thus, shoes with a one centimeter heel have become their hallmark and essence. (tagsToTranslate) tania (t) llasera (t) sandals


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