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Coomeva Prepaid Medicine inaugurated an innovation center with augmented reality

“With us, health will no longer be a rudimentary moment and it will be more of an experience,” is the phrase Marco Montes Martínez, CEO of Coomeva Prepaid Medicine, explains where the private health model in Colombia will go. This vision also reflects the health organization’s new commitment, which is incorporated into the creation of a new innovation medical center in Bogota, with technology awareness such as virtual reality.

“We have just inaugurated a medical center in the capital which, beyond its facilities, is an innovation and virtuality project that we are leading to medical points. The most beneficial service in this new model is the vaccination of children, because it will make this process, which is generally difficult for babies, a pleasant experience with games and augmented reality content, in the style of a metavese, “explains. Montes.

The medical center, located in northern Bogota and with an investment of approximately $ 4,000 million, also has other innovations such as express medical appointments. According to Montes, the plan is for this model of innovation in health services to be replicated in three of the 12 medical centers with which Coomeva Medicina Prepagada is expected to be completed by the end of 2022, in cities such as Cali, Barranquilla and Medellín.

With this, Coomeva MP, which currently has 390,000 users, should bet on expanding its service model, especially in the country’s capital. Since Montes indicated that, although Cali is its operations center, with a 45% market share, the decision to establish its first medical point of innovation in Bogota was strategic, providing 75% of the business the focus and the largest demand . for prepaid

“The goal is to reach new customers and new markets, offering innovative solutions that will help us differentiate ourselves in competitive markets such as the country’s capital,” says Montes. There, in Bogota, the private health company will have to compete with strong players, such as Medicina Prepagada Colsanitas and Medisanitas Medicina Prepagada.

And it is that Coomeva Medicina Prepagada only has a 10% market share in Bogota, which it hopes to increase with bets on innovation. Its operations center is Cali and has national protection and presence in all major cities in the country.

Another of these innovation strategies with which it hopes to achieve a larger market share in the country is with the already mentioned express dating service. A business model is implemented at its innovation center, where it promises waiting times for non-priority appointments in less than 40 minutes.

In its projection, Coomeva Prepaid Medicine it expects to grow 3.4% this year and invest $ 22 billion in infrastructure projects alone.

Other services are part of the innovation plan

This year, Coomeva Prepaid Medicine hopes to continue to grow across its potential customers, who are young families. For that, they’re betting on innovation in more personalized products. One is the Plata Joven program, which targets people under the age of 35 and offers outpatient health plans and consulting, therapy and diagnostic services. It will also compete with 24-hour home care, and support plans for pregnant women, as well as stem cell treatment.

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