Tuesday, 11 Dec 2018

Cooperation with ResearchGate

As stated in a joint communication from the companies involved, the publishers involved want to support the sharing of content and view the partnership that has now been entered into ResearchGate as an important prerequisite to continue to work towards this goal.

The agreement includes, among others, the following points :

  • ResearchGate and the participating publishers will join the Educating users about their rights collaborate on copyrighted content by providing users with more detailed and better information about how and when they can publish their articles on the network.
  • ResearchGate becomes Copyright infringing content continues to be removed from the platform immediately if the publishers report this.
  • Publishers get one better overview how content originally published in their scientific journals is used on the ResearchGate platform.

The agreement is the result of discussions last autumn on cooperation between the publishers and ResearchGate. It underlines the commitment of all stakeholders to researchers being able to responsibly share and share their scientific results, and to show that collaborative efforts can be achieved in sharing publishing content.

Responses from Springer Nature and ResearchGate

Steven Inchcoombe Springer Nature’s Chief Publishing Officer on today’s collaboration with ResearchGate:

“Springer Nature supports the sharing of content between researchers, and we want the research we publish to be discoverable, accessible, understandable, useful, and divisible, and thus can be the basis for new discoveries.” ResearchGate, with its 15 million users, is an important one Partner who helps us realize this exchange. ”

“We do not foster scientific insight by working in isolation and replicating solutions that already exist, instead working with partners, leveraging their expertise and adding to our service offerings, solutions and products that are already some of the best on the market counting.”

“By agreeing with ResearchGate, we can maintain the ‘version of record’ and our commitment to authors and customers to comply with content usage, and we look forward to developing this partnership and working together to ensure that all users share the content of us through ResearchGate, feel it positive. ”

This step is an ideal complement to SharedIt, a service offering from Springer Nature that enables subscription content to be legally compliant. The SharedIt offer includes articles from more than 2,700 journals and was used 3.2 million times in the first year.

Ijad Madisch , one of the founders and current CEO of ResearchGate:

“For us at ResearchGate, open science is about more than just sharing research, it’s about discussing this research and enabling collaborations that drive progress, so we’re excited about Springer Nature’s involvement in our agreement As a highly respected publisher, Springer Nature publishes many of the journals in which members of our network publish their research papers, and together with Springer Nature, we look forward to providing researchers with more clarity on what can be shared across the network while they advance scientific discoveries. ”

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