Coordinated release of U21 national team players from self-isolation

Evaluating the information provided by the Latvian Football Federation (LFF) and the Union of European Football Associations (UEFA), the Ministry of Education and Science concludes that the U21 national team U21 national team once every two years is also a qualifying competition for the Olympic Games, which takes place once every four years. , the Ministry states in its letter.

The specificity of the non-national team participating in the Olympic Games is limited to football, with the result that the U21 team’s participation in the U21 European Championship qualifiers in the year in which they are also qualifying for the Olympic Games is essentially comparable to other sports. participation of national teams in the qualifying competitions of the Olympic Games.

Pursuant to the above and stipulated in the regulations of the Cabinet of Ministers (CM), the MES has exceptionally coordinated the release of U21 national team players and service personnel from self-isolation when returning to Latvia from Poland.

As usual, after returning to Latvia, these persons must comply with various requirements of epidemiological safety measures during non-professional duties, including laboratory examinations in accordance with the algorithm included in the regulations. At the request of the MES, the LFF will soon provide a repeat laboratory examination for the diagnosis of Covid-19 infection to the persons involved.

Also, on November 20, LFF received an explanation from the Ministry of Education and Science about the situation with the participation of players who have professional or amateur contracts in the Premier League championship.

As it is known, during the state of emergency declared in the country, sports events are prohibited, providing an exception for the holding of top-level sports competitions for professional athletes without spectators. This exception stipulates that “international and top-level team sports competitions involving only adult professional athletes (persons who prepare for and participate in sports competitions on a contractual basis and for an agreed fee) may take place without spectators”.

The Ministry of Education and Science explains that in the existing restrictions, the term “professional athlete” should be understood as an adult who prepares for and participates in sports competitions on the basis of a contract and for an agreed fee. In the current situation, only those adults whose main job is to perform the duties of an athlete participate in the competition, the ministry explains. There must be a valid agreement between the two parties (its name does not matter), from which the athlete’s obligation to prepare for and participate in sports competitions arises, and the agreement must also stipulate remuneration. Remuneration is understood not only as a salary, but also as other property benefits specified in the contract, which the sports club has undertaken to provide to the athlete for the performance of its duties.

“I would like to thank the representatives of the Ministry of Education and Science for their involvement in resolving the issue concerning the further participation of the Latvian U21 national team players in the super league competitions. After hearing our arguments and those of UEFA, a logical decision was made on the basis of it, in the interests of athletes and football. In these difficult times, this has been another situation for which all parties involved were not equally prepared and with an equally good understanding of the nature of the situation. I believe that such situations, which lead to a broader understanding of the specifics of the sport, will help us all in future challenges, because there is no reason to say with great confidence that very soon such and similar everyday challenges will be behind us all, ”says LFF President Vadim Lashenko. “I would also like to thank the representatives of the Ministry of Education and Science for the explanation concerning the participation of professional and amateur contract holders in the extraordinary situation in the league league competition. Such explanations arising from internal discussions are extremely necessary so that all those involved in the Latvian sports system have an equally good understanding of the rules, their meaning and essence. ”

MES and LFF remind that in the current competitions the established epidemiological safety requirements must be observed. Among other things, the training and competition organizer is responsible for ensuring that the relevant federation’s regulations regarding the precautions to be taken to prevent the spread of Covid-19 infection are complied with.

As explained above, the LFF actively monitors the overall situation of Premier League competitions with fixed cases of Covid-19 and a defined range of contacts in the team. The current situation in accordance with the regulations of the championship and the sanitary protocol of the competition organized by LFF allows for the holding of further games. The position of the LFF is, as long as the situation allows, to determine the layout of the teams in the overall ranking table with fights on the field. As the situation changes, the LFF will be ready to take the resulting decisions promptly.

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