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Copa del Rey: Real Sociedad turns off Anduva and qualifies for the Copa final | Copa del Rey 2019

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A penalty goal by Oyarzabal certifies the pass of the Alguacil against a decent Mirands

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The celebration of the Real players, this Wednesday.

There was no magic in Anduva, there was no new rebellion against the established order. In a field that is pure passion, yesterday more than ever, what was imposed was the most overwhelming logic. Be the Real Sociedad the team that is present in the final of the Copa del Rey in Seville, attending an appointment for which he did not take a ticket since 1988. He already waits for Granada or Athletic for the Txuriurdin team after avoiding, more cerebral than ever, that the spell of Mirands will knock you down. A fair finalist despite the fact that the rojillo team competed admirably, both in the first leg at the Reale Arena and last night in the round.

His audience, with an applause that seemed more like a hug, was recognized after the last chapter of this beautiful story, scented with an extraordinary atmosphere throughout the day. If you pass, beat Athletic, eh! It was heard in the previous between red and blue flares, all twinned by a common illusion and in turn antagonistic. If Real wins this Cup, a little piece, even if it is very small, belongs to Miranda de Ebro and its people.

That being -or not- the next part of a story in which theOyarzabal,Odegaard,MerinoandIsakThey will have the opportunity to not only be a great team, which they already are, but to be remembered as myths of the history of the Real, since in the long run it awaits the possibility that the San Sebastian win the sixth title of their history. Last night they demonstrated maturity, a virtue that is not presupposed to a group as young as he directs brilliantlyImanol Sheriff. After trembling in the first leg, in Anduva the Donostiarras hardly suffered and, more importantly, they never lost control of the situation before a Mirands to whom little or nothing can be reproached. One more day, he behaves like a First Division team despite being one of the most modest of Second. It will not take many of these players, nor their coach, to reach the roof of Spanish football.

Until the penalty goal of Oyarzabal cooled Anduva’s excellent spring temperature, the match satisfied a Mirands who, as announced by Iraola, had as a logical priority that the trmite became very long for Real.Matheus, a prey dog ​​with a center forward job, alive crouched between the centrals, waiting for a ball that would allow him to launch a successful career towards glory. That was the bullet that played the reddish set, whose vertical will was not in doubt.

The problem was that his rival was not the risky team and usual round trip, but a much more leisurely. It was because the pressure somewhat restrained him, it was because the Sheriff so plotted it, the fact is that it was a much more practical and measured Real. It served him to have some occasion in a fairly even first half in which only the clear penalty ofMalsaby hand, four of the rest, unbalance. And that the stands played even with the environmental pressure, shaking the nets of the goalkeeper to find, without success, that Oyarzabal was distracted would fail him.

JanuzajAs soon as he returned from the locker room, he almost sealed the night with a shot that went to the crossbar. Real intends to finish off the task and avoid any fright, although the Mirands needed to score two goals to force the extension, three to go to the final. Those ofIraola, of course, they were not willing to give up and although their effusivity was no longer that of the first half, more per head than physically, they refused to fold candles. Until the last minute he tried the Mirands to finish this Cup with one last goal, but not even that allowed him a Real to play his first final with total justice in 32 years.

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