Corbyn gives up the negotiations on the 'brexit'


The Leader of the Labor Party, Jeremy Corbyn, has notified the British Prime Minister, Theresa May, the end of the talks to reach a compromise that will allow the 'Brexit' to go ahead, claiming that the 'weakness' of the current Government leads one to think that nothing that is agreed upon can be guaranteed in Parliament.

In a letter to which Reuters has had access, the leader of the opposition maintains that the discussions in search of a compromise "have come as far as they can get" since "we have been unable to overcome the important political gaps between us". However, he acknowledged that they have been "in good faith on both sides" and that they have been "detailed and constructive".

According to Corbyn, "the growing weakness and instability of his government means that you can not rely on guaranteeing anything that can be agreed between us." In the Labor leader ensures that in the ranks of his party there was concern about the "ability of the Government" to move forward in the Parliament any eventual agreement.

In the opinion of the Labor leader, the fact that May has said he will resign once the Brexit is approved and that "cabinet members are competing" to succeed it has left the government in a situation of instability and undermined its authority.

Corbyn has denounced that some of the proposals made by the negotiating team of May with Labor have been refuted in public by members of the Government.

Thus, the Labor leader has clarified that his party will analyze "carefully any proposal that the Government wishes to raise to break the stalemate over Brexit", which is expected to be voted in Parliament in the week of June 3 for fourth and last time.

In this regard, he has made it clear to May that "without significant changes", his party will continue to oppose the agreement reached by the prime minister with her European partners, "since we do not believe that it safeguards employment, standards of living and the manufacturing industry." in the United Kingdom".


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