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Córdoba: Confirm the first measles case of the last 20 years

The Provincial Ministry of Health confirmed on Saturday the first case of measles In cordoba. This is a 41-year-old man who vacationed in Florianopolis, Brazil. Health authorities proceeded to isolate the patient and, for the moment, no other related cases were found.

“For months, we have been holding an intensified surveillance, following the measles outbreak abroad and in the province of Buenos Aires. This is the first case confirmed in Córdoba in the last 20 years, and it is imported, ”he explained to The voice Gabriela Barbás, Secretary of Health Prevention and Promotion.

The patient is a native of the city of Córdoba and was treated in a private clinic. The Central Laboratory confirmed the diagnosis and the Province activated epidemiological surveillance in close contacts.

When asked if the patient was vaccinated, Barbas explained: “It was found that, in his childhood, he had received a dose of the viral triple. But it is important to note that two doses of double or triple viral are needed to be protected. ”

The official reported that, for the moment, no related cases were found. And he added that the patient was in isolation. “The health centers implement a specialized care circuit for people who arrive with symptoms of fever and skin rash. This allows them to be served with priority, ”he added.

Meanwhile, Ángela Gentile, head of the Department of Epidemiology at the Children’s Hospital, Ricardo Gutierrez, recommended waiting at least 21 days to rule out new cases in Córdoba. “The maximum incubation period is between 10 and 21 days after the first symptoms presented. That is why we have to wait for that time to have a conclusive result ”.

The specialist recalled that measles is highly contagious. It is transmitted orally, from person to person, up to four days before the first symptoms appear.

“When an imported case appears, the epidemiological investigation should rule out the virus in close contacts and analyze if all were vaccinated. In the event that the patient has traveled by plane, you have to control people in nearby seats, two rows in the front and two in the back, ”he said.

The Argentine Society of Vacunology and Epidemiology (Save) He added that measles has no specific treatment and can be complicated, even causing death.

“The groups at highest risk are those under 5 and those over 20, especially those with nutritional disorders or low defenses. The risk is always greater in the most disadvantaged social and economic strata, ”he said.


In Córdoba, the last cases of measles were registered in the year 2000. With them, Argentina put an end to the viral circulation and later obtained the “disease free” certification granted by the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) .

In August 2010, there was an outbreak from travelers who were in the World Cup in South Africa. There were 17 imported cases circumscribed in the province of Buenos Aires.

The situation worsened in August last year, when Argentina began to register the first cases without a travel history. And last Friday the first death in the country was confirmed, since 1998.

Barbas insisted that all one-year-old children should receive a dose of the triple viral vaccine. And, those older than 5, must prove both doses.

This indication does not change, unless the person intends to move to risk areas, including the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires and the municipalities of the province of Buenos Aires, which are in an outbreak.

Priority. Rawson Hospital operates a specialized care circuit to prioritize patients with fever and skin rash. (Facundo Luque)

Recommendations on vaccination

Children From 12 months to 4 years inclusive. They must prove a dose of the triple viral vaccine.

Children 5 years or older, teenagers and adults. They should receive at least two doses of the double or triple viral vaccine. Those who have doubts can have a blood test and see if they have IgG serology positive for measles.

Born before 1965. They are considered immune and should not be vaccinated.

Health teams They should have two doses of double or triple viral. Alternatively, immunity with IgG serology positive for measles may be established.

The indication changes for those who plan to travel to the following destinations. Abroad, Autonomous City of Buenos Aires (CABA) and Health Regions V, VI, VII and XII of the province of Buenos Aires.

Children from 6 to 11 months. They should receive a triple viral vaccine dose, “zero dose.” This dose is additional and should not be taken into account as a calendar vaccination schedule.

12 month old children They should receive a dose corresponding to the calendar.

Children from 13 months to 4 years inclusive. At least two doses of triple viral vaccine.

Over 5 years. At least two doses.

Under 6 months. It is not advised to travel. Pregnant with only two doses.


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