Corona apps What the tracking apps have to do

The app developer Mathias Reidel started an alternative concept with the Munich start-up Open as App, several developers of open source software and former MicrosoftColleagues a joint initiative with the ambitious goal of building a nationwide functioning Corona recognition app for all smartphones “for a good cause and on a voluntary basis”. Its new “Covid-19 Tracking App” is supposed to record and determine the actual cases of a street, a place or a region in real time. “It’s about the smallest cell, and thus also about the district and thus also about the federal state,” Reidel told WirtschaftsWoche last week.

If the developers can achieve the ambitious goals and start in mid-April, there are still a few days left to eliminate teething problems in the new development. After all, the new app would probably have to cope with the rush of millions of German citizens. In Singapore alone, 620,000 users played the app on their smartphones in the first three days.

More on the subject: This app knows where Corona is lurking: entrepreneur Mathias Reidel promises an alternative to shutdown: an app should identify all streets and areas in which there is no longer any risk of infection. If the data protectionists join in.

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