Corona cases reach 225,030, this is a list of 70 Covid-19 Red Zone areas in Indonesia – As of Tuesday (15/9/2020), the total number of patients who have confirmed positive corona virus in Indonesia reached 225,030 people.

Of these, according to data, there were 161,065 patients recovered from Covid-19 and 8,965 other patients died.

To facilitate policy making in each region, the Handling Task Force Covid-19 also made a map zoning risk of transmission.

Zoning it is divided over Red zone (high risk), orange (medium risk), yellow (low risk), and green (no affected areas or no new cases).

Based on data, on Tuesday (15/9/2020) at 19.43 WIB, there were 70 districts / cities throughout Indonesia that had a high risk of transmission, or were described as Red zone.

The following is a risk map along with details of the areas that are included in the Covid-19 red zone:

Screenshot of the Covid-19 red zone


1. West Aceh
2. City of Banda Aceh
3. Aceh Besar
4. Aceh Jaya

North Sumatra

5. Deli Serdang
6. Mandailing Christmas
7. Medan City
8. City of Binjai
9. Sibolga City
10. Gunungsitoli City

West Sumatra

11. Padang City
12. Padang Panjang City
13. City of Bukittinggi
14. Religion


15. Resistance
16. City of Dumai
17. Kuantan Singingi
18. Pekanbaru City
19. Siak
20. Kampar

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South Sumatra

21. All
22. City of Lubuklinggau
23. Muara Enim

Riau Islands

24. Batam City
25. Tanjungpinang City


26. City of South Tangerang
27. City of Tangerang
28. Tangerang

DKI Jakarta

29. West Jakarta
30. North Jakarta
31. North Jakarta
32. East Jakarta

West Java

33. Depok City
34. Bekasi
35. Bekasi City

Central Java

36. Semarang City
37. Pati

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East Java

38. Malang City
39. Banyuwangi
40. Pasuruan
41. Sidoarjo
42. Probolinggo
43. Pasuruan City


44. Karangasem
45. Gianyar
46. ​​Buleleng
47. Bangli
48. City of Denpasar
49. Jembrana
50. Tabanan
51. Badung

Central Kalimantan

52. Barito Timur
53. Barito Utara
54. Palangkaraya City
55. South Barito

South Borneo

56. Upstream of the Central River
57. Upper North River
58. Balangan
59. Barito Kuala
60. Land of the Sea
61. Kotabaru

East Kalimantan

62. City of Balikpapan
63. Kutai Kartanegara
64. Bontang City
65. Mahakam Ulu
66. Kota Samarinda

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North Sulawesi

67. City of Manado

South Sulawesi

68. City of Makassar


69. Ambon City

West Papua

70. Bintuni Bay

Of the total 514 districts / cities in Indonesia, 70 are red zones, 267 orange zones, 114 yellow zones, and 63 green zones.

Referring to the Covid-19 risk distribution map above, all districts / cities on the island of Bali can be seen in red. The high risk on the island is spread evenly across its territory.

Meanwhile, for DKI Jakarta, of the 6 existing districts / cities, only South Jakarta and the Thousand Islands are not labeled as areas with a high risk of transmission.

If 4 other areas in DKI Jakarta are red, these 2 areas fall into the orange zone or there is a moderate risk of transmission.

As a whole, there are several provinces that do not have a red zone at all.

The details are the Bangka Belitung Islands, Lampung, DI Yogyakarta, West Nusa Tenggara, East Nusa Tenggara, North Kalimantan, West Kalimantan, Central Sulawesi, Southeast Sulawesi, West Sulawesi, North Maluku and Papua.


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