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Corona changes the world mental health map Al Qizani satisfied

The world today does not live on the impact of the psychological damage that HIV virus can cause to about 2.6 billion people, who are subject to quarantine only, but also on the quality of the target groups for the collapse of mental health even after the disease has ended.

A report issued by the World Economic Forum entitled “Closing is the biggest psychological experience for the world … and we will pay the price” that the world today is experiencing the largest psychological test ever.

The report emphasized that the Corona crisis will show its psychological repercussions for many residents after the lapse of nearly three to six months after the end of the quarantine period.

The report also indicated that the world’s population will face many psychological problems related to anger and anxiety because of their isolation in homes, and that this psychological state can only be overcome through the governments ’interest in psychological support to the population during crises, and not only treat them after disasters.

The report pointed out that the countries of the world are seeking today to build hospitals, but they are not rushing to build psychological support units to address the severe effects of the pandemic, which foreshadows a psychological catastrophe after the isolation period ends.

The researchers inferred this with the example of the French state, which during the 1990s adopted a revolutionary methodology in observing the psychological effects on citizens after the attacks and natural disasters that it was exposed to, but it did not pay the same attention in dealing with the Corona pandemic today.

Countries of the world are seeking to build hospitals, but they are not rushing to build psychosocial support units to address the severe effects of the pandemic

The researchers said that France, 20 years ago, created field units for psychotherapy and a medical cell for psychiatrists, as well as field hospitals, where the patient moves from the medical treatment unit to the psychotherapy unit.

A report published by the medical journal “The Lancet” entitled “The psychological impact of quarantine and how to reduce it” confirmed the findings of previous research on the devastating psychological effects of domestic isolation, including symptoms of stress after trauma, confusion and anger.

The report pointed out that the intensity of the pressures will increase the longer the quarantine period, the fear of infection, frustration, insufficient supplies and financial loss. People who were isolated were also more likely to develop a wide range of mental disorders, including stress, mental disturbance, decreased mood, insomnia, pressure, anxiety, anger, emotional exhaustion, depression and tension.

“Faith in social isolation, loneliness, anxiety, stress and financial insolvency are powerful storms that sweep through the mental health of people,” said Rory O’Connor, a researcher at the University of Glasgow and a participant in the research report.

O’Connor explained that unemployment is preparing its owner for stress and depression, so some resort to alcohol and drug use and gambling, and unemployment may lead some to homelessness.

The elderly are the most affected by Corona

In turn, Ahmed Al-Abiad, a psychologist, stressed that a large and broad segment of people found themselves in a difficult financial situation, which did not embarrass them in front of themselves and in front of their families who did not understand their situations in many cases.

Al-Abyad said in a statement to “Al-Arab” that this created family problems that further strained relations within families and multiplied psychological problems.

Al-Abyad asserted that people found themselves without pavers hostage to the global quarantine, noting that the changes take place with a gradual curve and the quarantine came at once without advances, which left pressure on the mental health of people.

The US Department of Labor figures also showed that during the month of April, America lost 20.5 million jobs due to the Corona pandemic, considering it unprecedented, bringing the unemployment rate to its highest level since the thirties. The Ministry of Labor indicated that employment fell sharply in major sectors, with a significant loss of jobs in the entertainment and hotel sectors.

Devastating effects

Psychologists believe that losing a job is no less painful than losing a dear person, noting that one goes through emotional stages linked to sadness, starting with shock and denial, then anger and bargaining. And they assert that the psychological distress caused by losing a job is doubled in light of the state of mystery experienced by the individual during the Corona pandemic.

In a recent study based on data from 100 meetings with employees immediately after their dismissal from work and then again after 12 weeks of job loss, study supervisor Sarah Damsic, associate professor of sociology and employment at the University of Pennsylvania, noted that employees were initially experiencing feelings of anger after they They were informed of their demobilization.

The researchers said that the priority should be to monitor rates of anxiety, depression, self-harm, suicide and other self-inflicted diseases.

Adopting a revolutionary methodology for monitoring psychological effects on citizens
Adopting a revolutionary methodology for monitoring psychological effects on citizens

Also, research issued by the same medical journal indicated that 28 percent of parents who were isolated with their children suffer from mental health disorders related to trauma, and about 10 percent of isolated hospital staff suffer from symptoms of high depression.

A survey conducted by the World Economic Forum before the closing period on a sample of the Belgian population revealed that 32 percent of the population enjoys high flexibility and balanced mental health and does not suffer from any concern due to the virus, and that about 15 percent feel fear of the virus. After two weeks of closure, the data changed, and the data indicated that the proportions of the population with balanced and flexible mental health decreased to 25 percent and the anxiety rate increased to 23 percent.

The report revealed that the groups most vulnerable to mental health problems are health care workers, youth under the age of 30, and children and the elderly.

Discuss the idea of ​​isolation

To reduce the negative effects of the Corona pandemic on the individual’s mental health, the researchers suggested that doctors and health experts discuss the idea of ​​isolation with the public and explain its motives in a clear way and not illogically prolong the stone period.

A scientific study of the British Studies Center confirmed that the quarantine in general is an unsatisfactory experience for those who are subject to it, considering that isolation from family, relatives and friends, loss of freedom and mistrust from illness and boredom developments are all factors that can cause tragic situations.

Moroccan psychologist Oussama Lahlou stated that the social factor is important and can strongly influence the psyche of people in quarantine, stressing that people who lose their jobs may experience psychological problems.

Psychotherapy is just as important as physical therapy
Psychotherapy is just as important as physical therapy

Professor Neil Greenburg also stressed the need to take advantage of the opportunity to stone and adopt a healthy lifestyle, noting that it is time to sleep well, eat healthy food and stay away from excessive alcohol consumption. “To get out of this stage with minimal psychological damage, it is necessary to communicate regularly by providing the truth about the quarantine and explaining what is happening, which makes it easy to spend this special period,” Greenburg said.

The researchers participating in the study also called on public health officials to stress that quarantine helps to maintain the safety of others, especially the most vulnerable, which encourages people to stay in their homes with comfort, stressing that reassuring citizens has an important role in maintaining their psychological integrity.

The researchers suggested creating a telephone line dedicated to inquiries of people in quarantine, which would help them in what to do in the event of symptoms of the disease, and enhance their sense that there are those around them and they are not neglected.

Psychologists point out that the feeling of psychological and nervous pressures increases naturally during crises facing individuals and societies, especially in times of war, or the spread of epidemic diseases, as it increases in a way that requires attention in people who primarily suffer from psychological problems or have disturbed personalities.

In this context, Al-Abyad said that individuals in different countries of the world felt that they lived in isolation and separately, especially in countries such as the United States and Italy, which lived in isolation from the European Union. Al-Abyadh called for people to feel solidarity. And that no one feels that he is living in the wind.

And the World Health Organization, through a recent scientific study, gave advice to all segments of society, including health care workers, to help them maintain their mental health and maintain high spirits and positive spirit that helps them and helps others survive the crisis of spreading the virus worldwide.

The state of mystery is experienced in the time of Corona
The state of mystery is experienced in the time of Corona

The organization considered that proper thinking and understanding the matters and conditions surrounding the spread of the virus in all parts of the world correctly, is part of preserving the mental and psychological health of man, which must be protected during this type of crisis.

She emphasized that maintaining mental health and mental health will ensure continuing the life course after passing the crisis and containing it, with balanced and sound mental health that guarantees the stability of the individual and society.

Corona stigma

The organization called on individuals to be aware and understand that Corona virus extends individuals everywhere in the world apart from nationality, nationality or geographic region, and that individuals who have been attacked by the virus anywhere, are innocent people who did not commit any wrongful act.

She called for not referring to individuals who were attacked by the virus as “victims” or the “family” of the new Corona Virus (Covid 19) or to classify them as a defective category, but rather to use the term that they are currently facing the virus, that they are aware that they are natural persons, and that they When they recover from the virus, they will return to their normal daily life and work, similar to all members of society.

The organization advised to avoid reading and following the news that causes anxiety and tension and always heading to reading information and news reports that direct to the practical and useful steps that are required to be followed in protecting ourselves and those you love, and to collect news from reliable sources such as the World Health Organization and the national health authorities, only once or twice During the day, not allowing news from untrusted sources, and being vigilant so we can discover false information and rumors.

The organization asked individuals to protect themselves while at the same time providing support to others.

The organization said that helping people when they need help is beneficial not only for them, but for everyone, their mental health and their composure in facing challenges.

The integrity of mental and mental health will ensure the continuation of the life course
The integrity of mental and mental health will ensure the continuation of the life course

She called for trying to find a way to communicate positive information and stories about any aspect related to fighting and facing the virus, and not to hesitate to transmit and communicate the voices of people who have recovered from the virus and to spread their experience and inform the public positively about it.

She also called for an appreciation of the role and importance of the medical team and support groups in the community to protect the ones you love and save their lives, and to give them gratitude for their efforts in treating people who have been infected with the emerging coronavirus.

For their part, international experts called on the governments of the world to provide reliable information to their people with transparency and speed in relation to the Corona virus.

In a statement, the experts expressed their concern that some of the strategies developed by governments and public health experts to protect the health and lives of individuals from the Coruna virus may detract from their basic rights, and called on governments to ensure that those rights are protected.

The experts pointed out that human health depends not only on access to health care, but also on obtaining reliable information on the nature of threats and ways to protect oneself, the family, and society.

And some experts believe that Corona has revealed flaws in the global system that have left strategic planning theories with them. He also revealed the secrets of the other side of Western capitalism, which does not place social and psychological services among its priorities, but rather at the bottom of its interest ladder as it rushes to protect the top dignitaries and wealthy people.

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