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Corona current: USA see “disinformation campaign” in protective masks

by drbyos

Australia asks visa holders to leave without savings

Australia wants to send foreigners home with temporary visas due to the economic consequences of the Corona crisis and the expected unemployment. Only those of the over two million foreigners who could finance their own living in the next six months are likely to remain, managing immigration minister Alan Tudge said in a statement.

According to the information, there are currently a good two million foreigners with different types of visas in Australia, including students, skilled workers and tourists. “Temporary visa holders who, in these circumstances, will not be able to finance themselves for the next six months are urged to return home,” Tudge said. The more than 200,000 tourists would also have to leave for their home countries as quickly as possible, especially those without financial support from families.

Around 118,000 backpackers are currently on the fifth continent. According to the information, a third of them are Germans who have a working holiday visa type, which permits work within a limited scope, but does not include any protection against unemployment, for example. These tourists could extend their visas if they worked in certain areas such as healthcare, elderly care, childcare, agriculture, or the food industry, Tudge said. The permitted working hours are also relaxed.


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