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Corona fake news controlled by the Kremlin

by drbyos

Lord of the Propaganda: President Putin speaking at Corona last week
Picture: AFP

Russian media have been trying to create moods against Western governments with fake news and trivializations during the corona pandemic – they have long since been in the focus of the constitutional protectors.

Wsometimes he just has to ask the right questions. For example: “Corona crisis: incorrect data the basis for far-reaching political decisions?” This is what the Internet portal “Sputnik Germany” does at the weekend. In the article, it questions right at the beginning that the corona virus is causing illness, because it is about “the disease Covid-19 that he supposedly caused”. And that social distance should help to protect yourself against infection, there is no “evidence”. In addition, the death rate is overestimated. In general: The Robert Koch Institute and the federal government wanted to stir up “fear and panic”, writes Sputnik, citing a little-known online portal.

Markus Wehner

And so it goes on, the conspiracy theory of the Internet offers plenty of sources for it. Sputnik Germany – like more than 30 other Sputnik news channels around the world – is funded by the Kremlin. It belongs to the media holding company “Russia Today”, which receives more than 100 million euros a year from the Russian state. The general line to be used by Russian propaganda broadcasters is set in weekly meetings in the Kremlin. However, the design is the responsibility of the individual editorial offices in the numerous countries, which decide which topics “ignite” best there.


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