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Because schoolchildren had hardly any face-to-face classes in the last six months, there should be easier graduation for them. In Hamburg there should be more exam time and tips for more targeted preparation.

Hamburg’s students who are due to graduate this year are faced with a difficult situation: They hardly had any face-to-face classes for almost half a year. That is why there should now be simplifications for the Abitur. For the middle and the general school leaving certificate, relief had already been decided.

More time in the Abitur exams

Ties Rabe presented the changes at a press conference.

School Senator Ties Rabe (SPD) presented the planned changes to the Abitur on Friday: Specifically, it is planned that this year for the written Abitur 30 minutes more time is available. This is to compensate for the fact that the students lacked common practice time. “This extends the exams to four and a half to six hours,” said Rabe. “That eases the situation a lot.”

More information about the content

So that the examinees can prepare better, “the teachers inform more precisely beforehandWhich topics are actually being dealt with. “The tasks themselves, however, remained top secret. Letters would be sent to the specialist teachers on Friday, said the school senator.

More choice for math exams

In the Mathematikaufgaben there will be a choice – “for the first time in Hamburg”. Each teacher can choose tasks based on where the preparations went best. Specifically, she can choose two complexes for the written exam from the three complexes “Linear Algebra / Analytical Geometry”, “Stochastics” and “Analysis”.

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Exams a week later

In order to give the students more preparation time, the written exams postponed by a week. They are scheduled to start on April 23rd. Because of the early summer holidays and May holidays in Hamburg, a further postponement was not possible, said Rabe.


Christian Becker about corona measures.

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How Hamburg is adjusting the Abitur exams due to Corona. Christian Becker reports. 1 min

Teachers should be considerate

The teachers should consider the corrections Take care if there were special situations in class as a result of the corona pandemic, for example interruptions due to preventive measures, infections or quarantine measures. This should then be taken into account when correcting the written examinations where there is corresponding leeway in the assessment.

Less written exams

The The number of written exams is restricted in the last semester of the upper level. There should then only be one written exam in each of the examination subjects. “In the other subjects, this exam can be omitted completely – unless the students insist on it,” said Rabe. However, if they wish, schoolchildren can provide equivalent evidence of their own choosing or take part in an optional exam provided by the teacher.

Preparation in schools too

In February schools will be asked to invite their examination candidates to targeted exam preparation to offer – in small groups and in an infection-proof framework.

“Did a lot less last time”

It was not about a “secondary school diploma,” said Rabe. In order for the higher education entrance qualification to be recognized throughout Germany, Hamburg is moving with its measures within the framework set by the Conference of Ministers of Education. He can understand that some students are more nervous about the Abitur than usual under the conditions. The concern is unfounded because this time very deep changes have been made: “Last time we did a lot less,” said the school senator. And yet the Abitur last year was the best in five years despite Corona.

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Mixed reactions

The AfD does not think the plans make sense: The level should not fall by the wayside. The student chamber does not see this danger: Because of the difficult conditions this year, the changes fit into the picture, said chairman Henry Behrens to NDR 90.3. The left misses more creative solutions. Even in times of crisis, the Abitur is a “holy German cow”. The changes come too late for the CDU. It also demands that high school graduates can voluntarily repeat a class – without disadvantages.

Further information

Hamburg's school senator Ties Rabe (SPD) visits the NDR Photo: Kathrin Otto

At NDR 90.3, Hamburg’s school senator spoke about lessons in Corona times (02/12/21). more

Hamburg's school senator Ties Rabe (SPD) speaks at a press conference in the town hall.  © dpa photo: Georg Wendt

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