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Many many Crown-Patien to have neurological failure symptoms. you can bad remember, smell and taste no longer, have epileptic seizures or are confused. Doctors from the German Center for Neurodegenerative Diseases and the Berlin Charité have discovered a possible cause. Some antibodies in the patient’s blood may be misdirected. They bind to the brain and nervous system. The study is in the Trade journal “Cell” released.

A study from Chicago listed the frequency of neurological complaints in connection with Covid-19: According to this, almost half of the patients complained about it at the beginning of the disease. In the case of patients who had to be admitted to hospital because of Covid-19, it was almost two thirds (62.7 percent). And the proportion of patients who had neurological symptoms in the course of the disease was even higher. According to the information 82.3 percent, so four out of five patients. Read also:
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Corona particularly attacks the brain and nervous system

“We have learned in recent months that the new type of coronavirus attacks various organs, and in particular the brain and nervous system,” says DGN General Secretary Prof. Peter Berlit. A Antibody study Scientists led by neurologist Prof. Harald Prüß from the Berlin Charité provide a plausible explanation for this.

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The study was originally set up with the aim of finding a passive vaccination against Covid-19 to develop. That means: When treating sick people, protective antibodies produced in the laboratory should be used via infusion. 40 strongly neutralizing antibodies had previously been identified and further analyzed. In Animal testing with hamsters – who, like humans, are susceptible to Sars-CoV-2 – some of these antibodies could almost completely prevent the novel lung disease when administered early. An important milestone on the way to passive immunization in humans – or so it seemed. Read also:
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But then, after a more detailed characterization of the Sars-CoV-2 antibodies, the researchers also found that many of them are so-called germline-close antibodies. Once again in animal experiments, the working group then showed that some of these antibodies react with antigens of various organs, including brain tissue. “So here could be a Key to the context of Covid-19 and neurological symptoms as well as concomitant and secondary diseases are, “explains the DGN.

Important for avoiding complications with vaccinations

“Next we have to clarify which endogenous proteins the Sars-CoV-2 antibodies are directed against,” explains study author Prüß. In particular with regard to the long-term consequences of Covid-19, but also with regard to avoidable complications of future vaccinations, a possible cross-reactivity with the body’s own structures is of great importance. It is imperative that this be further investigated, said Prüß.

The results of this study are supported by the results of another Study from the USAthat is still waiting for an assessment by colleagues. Also in this investigation Scientists from the Lowance Center for Human Immunology at Emroy Universitäg (Atlanta, USA) under the direction of Ignacio Sanz describe that Covid-19 patients sometimes develop antibodies that are directed against their own body. An “alarming finding”, it says there.

Possibly a reason for the severity of illnesses

The blood of 52 patients who were seriously ill with Covid and were in intensive care was examined. None of them reportedly had a history Autoimmune diseases. In other words, with diseases in which the human immune system is directed against one’s own body. During the Sars-Cov-2 infection, however, more than half of them suddenly developed the antibodies that were significant for it. And more than two thirds of the sick produced antibodies that attacked their own tissue.

“While it is possible that these autoantibodies are benign or even helpful in ways that have not yet been identified, it is also possible that they are not. May be wearing this self-directed antibody reactions actually contributes to the severity of the disease and explains the delayed onset of severe symptoms in some patients that may correlate with antibody production, ”said Matthew Woodruff, member of the research group. More research is urgently needed here.

Study from England: Covid-19 can lower IQ

The results of a study carried out at Imperial College in London are also worrying. The work that now published in a preprint version and has not yet been comprehensively assessed, contains the evaluation of more than 84,000 Covid-19 patients. Finding of the researchers: An infection with the coronavirus can serious cognitive impairment entail. It could be observed that many patients had a significantly lower IQ after the infection than before.

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