Corona in Singapore Soars, The Next Several Weeks Become a Critical Period


Singapore announced a number of restrictions related to the Corona virus, including a ban on spectators at sporting events due to a spike in cases of Corona virus infection in the country.

After a partial lockdown and rigorous testing and contact tracing, COVID-19 has almost disappeared in Singapore, with authorities in recent months reporting almost no local transmission.

But infection cases spiked last week, with officials announcing several new clusters, and in the past seven days 60 cases of locally transmitted infection have been reported.

A cluster in one of Singapore’s largest hospitals has grown to 40 cases, including an 88-year-old patient who died on Saturday.

As reported by the news agency AFP, Wednesday (5/5/2021), with new restrictions announced on Tuesday (4/5), meetings will be limited to groups of five. Also more people will be required to work from home.

The indoor gym and fitness studio will be closed. The number of people who may attend will also be reduced for conferences, weddings and funerals.

In addition, tourists arriving from most countries will be asked to quarantine for three weeks instead of two weeks.

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