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Spahn expects the first corona vaccinations in December

Federal Minister of Health Jens Spahn (CDU) assumes that the first German citizens will be able to be immunized against the corona virus in vaccination centers this year. “There is reason to be optimistic that a vaccine will be approved in Europe this year. And then we can start immediately with the vaccinations, ”said Spahn to the editorial network Germany (RND / Monday issues).

He asked the federal states that the vaccination centers were ready for use by mid-December, the minister said. This seems to be working. He would rather have a vaccination center that is ready to start and that will be out of order for a few days than an approved vaccine that is not used immediately, said Spahn.

Spahn was also optimistic that it would not take until the end of 2021 for all population groups to be vaccinated. For example, many of the likely vaccines will not require deep cooling. They could be issued in normal doctor’s offices.

“And then it goes quickly,” said Spahn. After all, “every year up to 20 million people would be vaccinated against flu in a few weeks”. He announced the establishment of an online platform that provides information on the vaccination rates achieved, differentiated by age and region. “In particular, when we have achieved a high vaccination rate among the particularly vulnerable population groups, we will be able to gradually relax the restrictions,” he announced.

According to Spahn, Germany has now secured more than 300 million vaccine doses for Germany through the EU Commission or bilateral agreements and options. “Even with two doses per vaccination, we would have enough for our own population and could share it with other countries,” said Spahn.

The minister announced that Germany will also secure vaccination doses from the Dessau vaccine manufacturer IDT. “From today’s perspective, there is a well-founded hope that the Dessau IDT could also obtain approval for a vaccine in 2021,” he said before a visit to the company on Monday. It is “very encouraging and can make us proud that, after Biontech and Curevac, the third German vaccine project is on a promising path,” said Spahn.


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