Corona live: The Czech Republic surprisingly removes exit restrictions

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Donald Trump wants to check whether people can inject disinfectants against Corona

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“We will only be well if Europe is well”

The EU heads of state and government held a video conference to discuss economic aid in the Corona crisis. Chancellor Merkel spoke on the results.

Emmanuel Macron thanks NRW. Chancellor Merkel will only discuss further easing of the corona measures in May. The Czech Republic removes exit restrictions after a court ruled them to be illegal. All developments in the live ticker.

US-President Donald Trump has encouraged researchers in the fight against the novel coronavirus to test whether people can inject disinfectants directly. Such a procedure would most likely be life-threatening. Trump told journalists Thursday night at the White House that it would be “interesting” to investigate. At a press conference immediately before, a government expert had stated that bleaching and disinfectants quickly killed the Sars-CoV-2 pathogen, for example on dry metallic surfaces such as a door handle.

“Is there a way we could do this – by spraying or almost cleaning … would be interesting to check that out,” Trump said. That would have to be left to the doctors, of course, he added. “But it sounds interesting to me,” said the president.

The government’s expert had also said that the lifespan of the pathogen is dramatically reduced when exposed to direct sunlight. Trump also used this to speculate about possible coronavirus therapy approaches. “Let’s say we treat the body with an enormous amount, either ultraviolet or simply strong light,” Trump said. Then he continued to speculate: “Assuming that you could bring light into your body, which you can do through the skin or in some other way,” he said, adding that the researchers also wanted to investigate this possibility. “It’s pretty formidable,” Trump said.

According to experts, soap, disinfectants and bleaches can reliably kill the virus when used externally – i.e. when washing hands or cleaning. So far, however, there are no proven drugs or techniques that can kill the pathogen in infected patients.

The French President Emmanuel Macron thanked North Rhine-Westphalia for the treatment of French Corona patients. In a letter to Prime Minister Armin Laschet (CDU), Macron praised the “unprecedented commitment with which North Rhine-Westphalia is helping France in a difficult situation that is putting us all to the test.”

The Czech government has surprisingly lifted the exit restrictions that have been in place for weeks. This will apply from Friday, said Health Minister Adam Vojtech late Thursday evening in Prague. Since March 16, citizens have only been allowed to go to work, to go shopping, to the doctor or to go for walks in green areas. This was intended to limit the spread of the novel corona virus.

The minority cabinet thus reacted to the current decision of a court in Prague, which had declared the previous measures illegal for formal reasons.

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