Corona live: Undertaker – “We are currently clearing the old people’s homes”

Altmaier – With high corona numbers, relaxation is prohibited

In the Corona crisis, Federal Economics Minister Peter Altmaier indicated an extension of the hard lockdown beyond January 10th. “As long as all of Germany is a huge hotspot, loosening practically prohibits itself,” said the CDU politician of the German Press Agency. Altmaier also spoke out in favor of a change of strategy in the fight against the virus.

The hard lockdown is currently limited to January 10th – the goal is the extensive shutdown of public life in Germany. This includes the closure of many shops. On January 5th, the federal and state governments want to discuss how to proceed.

Altmaier said: “I would like us to learn a lesson from the last few months – namely that we make the measures we take more dependent on objective conditions and less on ad-hoc decisions.” agreed that in a city or in a district, if the incidence was above a value of 50 per 100,000 inhabitants in seven days.

“What we have not yet decided, however, are clear guidelines on what happens if the incidence in a whole federal state or in all of Germany is over 50, 100, 150 or over 200,” said Altmaier. “It makes sense to determine in good time what has to happen when threshold values ​​are exceeded – not just in individual districts, but in entire federal states or nationwide.” Then everyone, the people and the companies, can adapt. Because one of the worst side effects of the pandemic is the constant uncertainty.

“Our everyday life will probably be restricted for another two to three months. Our private social life will normalize from early summer, ”said Altmaier, referring to the imminent start of vaccinations. “We will have to wear a mask on certain occasions until next winter or beyond. And it will be a long time before we can take responsibility for major events as we used to know them again. Nevertheless, most people’s life becomes more relaxed again from early summer. “


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