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Corona pandemic: First soccer league in Europe cancels the season

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First soccer league in Europe cancels the season

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There are three scenarios for the Eredivisie

Belgium ended the season prematurely and named Bruges champion. Due to the corona virus, no football is played in the Eredivisie. Managing Director Mattijs Manders explains three possible scenarios for how the season could continue.

The first league comes to its senses and recognizes the hopelessness of football in the Corona crisis. Belgium ends the season early. It is not clear what will happen next. There is still a master.

Dhe scenarios in the European football leagues are largely based on optimism about the purpose. In order to avert devastating financial damage, the season is to be played to the end using all possible possibilities. How this can be reconciled in the face of exit restrictions, rapidly increasing numbers of cases and hospitals in a state of emergency remains a mystery.

The Belgian football association is now the first to pull the ripcord. There is no more playing there this season.

“There is a risk,” said the league, “that possible infections of a player or the player core affect the sporting course of the rest of the competition in an unacceptable manner.” Ghost games are therefore not an option.

The league said it was “highly unlikely” that competitions could still be played before June 30, citing leading Belgian virologist Marc Van Ranst and the government.

KRC Genk v Club Brugge KV - Jupiler Pro League

Bruges FC Mats Rits is one of the winners of the decision

Source: Photonews via Getty Images / Photonews

This makes FC Brugge champions. The team had canceled due to the corona crisis by 15 points ahead of KAA Gent. In Belgium another game day should have been played. According to the mode of the league, after the end of the regular season, the clubs in places one to six play in a play-off for the championship in which they start with half of the points achieved in the regular season.

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Course of a corona infection

The clubs hardly have to fear financial losses. According to the broadcaster RTBF, the three owners of the transmission rights have already paid in full. Unlike in other countries, the money has already been distributed to the clubs. In addition, Pro League has a contract that excludes repayment in the event of a season break due to force majeure, reports RTBF.

Belgium as a role model for Germany?

The league has not yet announced how promotion and relegation will be regulated. “The board is setting up a working group that will examine the sporting knots and the financial impact of this decision.” A general assembly will take place on April 15, where the final decision will be made.

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Eintracht Frankfurt - FC Basel

The German professional clubs had decided this week to take a break until at least April 30th. Team training should take place on April 5 at the earliest. When it can be played again, however, is completely in the stars. Hopes rest on mid-May, the majority of the clubs expect the match days to end in June. Leading virologists in Germany, on the other hand, assume that things may not go so quickly. In three weeks, it is assumed that one can only foresee whether ghost games without an audience can be thought of.

In the meantime, Ajax Amsterdam’s sports director Marc Overmars has called for an end to the season in the division of honor and has been heavily criticized by those responsible in the Netherlands. “Why is money and not public health at this moment?” Overmars asked in the Dutch daily “Telegraaf”. “I was hoping that the KNVB would make an independent decision, but instead you are hiding behind the Uefa.”

Overmars compares Uefa and KNVB with Trump

The European Football Association decided on Wednesday to give European leagues the opportunity to end their season after June 30th. Until June 1st, the government has been banned from playing in the Netherlands due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Overmars does not believe that gaming will resume. “I’m comparing the Uefa and the KNVB a little bit with the American President Donald Trump from a week ago: The economy is more important than the corona virus,” said Overmars, adding. “Hello! In the Netherlands, more than 100 people die from the consequences of the coronavirus. ”

Trump – “Two very, very painful weeks await us”

The innovative corona virus strikes with all its strength in the USA. Corpses are now being transported by forklift trucks, and the number of infected people is rapidly increasing on an aircraft carrier of the US Navy. US President Trump is no longer talking nicely.

Source: WELT / Steffen Schwarzkopf

There are still eight match days to be played in the division of honor, and Ajax also has a catch-up game. Overmars doesn’t care that Amsterdam is currently first and would be declared a champion in the event of a cancellation. “Playing is just irresponsible at the moment,” said the former international.

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