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Corona relaxation – 645 new infections in Austria – coronavirus

A total of 645 new corona cases were reported on Tuesday. Most of them in Vienna (205).

645 new infections were reported in Austria on Tuesday. The capital city of Vienna recorded the largest increase this time with 205 cases, followed by Upper Austria and Styria with 86 cases each.

The numbers in detail:

➤ Burgenland: 14
➤ Carinthia: 11
➤ Lower Austria: 85
➤ Oberösterreich: 86
➤ Salzburg: 77
➤ Steiermark: 86
➤ Tirol: 54
➤ Vorarlberg: 27
➤ Wien: 205

In Wienthere was an increase from Sunday to Monday compared to 172 new cases, but a far lower level than in the previous week. However, the number of tests is declining.

So far there have been 39,303 positive test results in Austria. As of today (September 22, 2020, 9:30 a.m.), 771 people across Austria have died from the consequences of the corona virus and 30,312 have recovered. Currently 390 people are in hospital treatment due to the corona virus and 75 of them are in intensive care units.

Why the numbers on the dashboard can diverge

The Department of Health dashboard is a dynamic system and gets its data from the Epidemiological Register (EMS). The EMS is the official register in which the district authorities and laboratories enter. According to the Ministry of the Interior, there can be delays in making entries, especially in the morning.

In the Ministry of the Interior, on the other hand, the figures are collected via a video conference as part of the coordination of the state crisis and disaster management in the Operations and Coordination Center (EKC). These figures may include cases that are not yet recorded in the EMS.

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