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Corona today … a shocking way to transmit infection … and this disease threatens

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Sunday 18 October 2020

Books – Sayed Metwally:

After the emerging corona virus has become a threat threatening the whole world about 10 months ago its appearance, all of us are looking forward to knowing what happens every minute, in light of the tremendous development that Covid-19 has brought in our lives.

Within this framework, “Masrawy” provides a daily service that includes displaying everything you want to know about the latest developments in the emerging corona virus, from the emergence of new symptoms or the occurrence of a different mutation, as well as the development of vaccines and drugs, in brief.

A shocking way to spread the virus

A recent study exploded a surprise about a method that is the first of its kind ever to spread Corona since the outbreak of the epidemic, according to what its supervisors believe.

This study was also based on a previous incident that took place in China, where 6 people caught the virus from sewage water, according to “Al-Arabiya”.

According to the study published in the Journal of Clinical Infectious Diseases, a bathroom tube that passed through the home of a couple infected with corona in the southern China region of Guangzhou had a hole, and when it rained in the area, the hole caused the streets to be flooded with sewage water, which enabled the virus to infect nearby residents .

This disease threatens you with death due to Corona

New research published in Anesthesia (a journal of the Association of Anesthesiologists) has revealed the high risk of death that Corona patients face in intensive care, those with chronic kidney disease (CKD) or those who undergo a new (acute) injury to the kidneys as a result of the development of Covid. 19.

CKD is a type of kidney disease in which kidney function deteriorates over months to years, and it is more common in the elderly, according to “Medicalxpress.”

This new study, led by Dr Sanoj Soni of Imperial College London, United Kingdom, and his colleagues examined the relationship between renal impairment of Covid-19, after examining clinical findings in 372 patients with corona who were admitted to four regional ICUs in the United Kingdom during the period. Between March 10 and July 23, 2020, the average age of patients was around 60, and 72% of them were male.

6 ways to transmit Corona through the eyes

Here are 6 ways the coronavirus can enter your eyes, as explained by “eatthis”.

Rubbing or contact with the eyes.

Exposure to transmission of an aerosol.

Wearing contact lenses.

Sharing eye drops or cosmetics.


Share towels and pillows.

Basic measures to avoid infection with Corona in the winter:

Russian doctor Alexander Karabenenko said that the regime of wearing masks and gloves will also be necessary in winter, as the behavior of the Corona virus in winter is not well understood, so maximum protection measures should be taken.

The doctor said: “Masks prevent the spread of those fumes and fluids that a person releases when speaking, coughing and sneezing, and masks should be worn in the same way regardless of cold weather … The mask will not harm in winter. Gloves must also be worn. There are a lot of bacteria and viruses that nest on Skin on hands.Usually a person rubbing his nose and touching his lips causes the virus to enter. Wearing a mask and gloves is mandatory in winter, “according to” Sputnik. “


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