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Corona virus in Australia: supermarket has elderly people supplied with toilet paper

While the corona virus is spreading all over the world, the pandemic panic in many places leads to so-called hamster purchases, in which people buy food and household goods in large quantities should they and their families be quarantined. A commodity that is particularly popular here: toilet paper. In Australia in particular, the struggles for the coveted roles have reached astonishing proportions. There are now numerous videos on the Internet that show how shoppers in supermarkets argue and sometimes even beat up the toilet paper packs.

One group of society that is particularly adversely affected by this are senior citizens. If you don’t have the opportunity to drive to a large supermarket by car, you have to rely on the fact that the local market still has everything you need. If not, it can end up in a rather desperate situation. In addition, especially older people with weaker immune systems are advised not to expose themselves to the risk of infection.

Australians are encouraged to behave moderately

The supermarket chain Woolworth has therefore teamed up with the charitable food supplier Meals on Wheels and ensures that the older members of society are provided not only with enough food by their voluntary suppliers, but also with four-packs of toilet paper.

With a short hand wash you can not reach all important places.

“Because of the unprecedented demand for certain products in our stores, we have heard that older and disadvantaged members of society are not getting some of the products they need,” quotes “news.com.au” Woolworths Managing Director Claire Peter. “While we do our best to keep refilling our stores, we encourage all Australians to think about those who may need help during this time.”

Some Australian supermarkets have now also put in place clear rules that limit how much rice, toilet paper, and disinfectant customers can buy with a purchase.

source: “news.com.au

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