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Corona virus numbers in Germany, Europe & worldwide up to date

Dusseldorf In Germany it has the first two deaths given by the corona virus. Both patients came from North Rhine-Westphalia, Essen and the Heinsberg district. The case in Essen is an 89-year-old woman with various previous illnesses. The NRW Ministry of Health confirmed the information.

The 78-year-old man from the Heinsberg district, who died a little later, also had a variety of previous illnesses. A German citizen died on Sunday, but during a stay in Egypt.

According to a suspected coronavirus at a school in Brandenburg, 4,000 to 5,000 people are in quarantine at home. That said the official director of the small town Neustadt / Dosse, Dieter Fuchs, on Monday of the news agency dpa. The rbb had previously reported.

Teachers at a comprehensive school in Neustadt / Dosse (Ostprignitz-Ruppin district) had contact with a Berliner who was infected with the corona virus. The health department then ordered domestic isolation. According to the authority, this affects school pupils, teachers, administrative staff and their relatives.

Initially, Fuchs was not able to name a very specific number of people in domestic isolation. The district did not want to confirm the number of up to 5000 people. Reliable surveys are not yet possible, said a spokesman. The school with affiliated elementary and special needs schools is attended by a total of 730 students from all over Germany and the region.

Because of the spread of the novel corona virus the federal government also canceled a major congress. The “Berlin Energy Transition Dialogue” will not take place, the organizers announced on Monday. Around 2,000 participants from 90 countries were expected to attend the annual, global energy transition congress from March 24 at the Federal Foreign Office. There should also be 50 ministers or state secretaries.

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In the afternoon, Federal Minister of Health Spahn also made the citizens responsible. “I appeal to individual responsibility to minimize the risk of infection,” the CDU politician told Monday in front of journalists in Berlin. This also includes the question: “What is easier to do without, playing football or going to work?” The Free State of Bavaria has meanwhile all events with more than 1000 visitors suspended until Good Friday.

As in other European countries and worldwide, Sars-CoV-2 is spreading rapidly in Germany. At the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) were until Monday evening 1139 infections recorded, although not all evidence from the federal states is already registered there. More recent data from Johns Hopkins University show on Monday evening 1176 corona cases in Germany.

The university in the State of Maryland brings together the data from health departments, authorities and institutes. Most cases in Germany are recorded in North Rhine-Westphalia, Baden-Württemberg and Bavaria.

Meanwhile, the federal government has also decided to take measures to protect companies from the effects of the corona crisis. To do that Short-time work allowance be expanded, as the coalition committee announced early Monday morning in Berlin.

Corona tests in Essen

The number of corona patients in Germany continues to rise.

(Photo: dpa)

Rising number of cases

There are now more than 110,000 infections worldwide and almost 4,000 deaths registered – according to experts, the number of unreported cases is still far higher. There is no protective vaccination or special therapy for the treatment of Covid-19. Most infected people have only mild cold symptoms with chills and sore throats that disappear within a few days, or no symptoms at all. About 15 out of 100 infected people become seriously ill, mostly older people or those with previous illnesses are affected.

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In China more died until Monday morning 22 people the consequences of the virus. According to official figures, the number of newly infected people fell further to 40 cases nationwide. However, a high number of unreported cases is suspected. More than 3000 people have died of the lung disease Covid-19 in China so far. Over 80,735 infections have been detected, but more than 58,000 patients are now cured.

In South Korea the signs of one are increasing slower rise of infections. On Sunday, 248 new cases were recorded with Sars-CoV-19, the health authorities said on Monday. The total increased to 7382. The number of previous deaths related to the virus has been reported at 51.

In Italy, the most affected country in Europe, there are already more than 360 dead and 7300 infections. In order to get the crisis under control, the government had declared large parts of the north to be a restricted area, including Lombardy with the financial center Milan and the provinces of Venice, Parma and Modena. Around 16 million people are affected by the closures.

Control measures

Several countries took further measures to fight the virus.

The Italian government severely restricted the freedom of movement of around 16 million citizens. The Italian government started inspections at train stations, airports and highways in restricted areas on Monday. In the areas in northern Italy or out of them you are only allowed in an emergency or for work reasons. This must be attested to by a self-declaration, as the Interior Ministry announced late on Sunday evening. You can fill out forms on site.

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France decided basically Ban events with more than 1000 people. Health Minister Olivier Véran announced in Paris after a Security Council meeting, but indicated that there would be exceptions. So far, France has banned events involving more than 5,000 people.

Czech Republic introduces random checks at the national border to protect against the further spread of the virus. Poland will control bus travelers from Germany on the A4 at the former Hennersdorf (Jedrzychowice) border crossing at Görlitz.

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