Corona virus: Oberwart district authority plans tightening

New measures to curb the spread of Covid-19 are currently planned in the Oberwart district.

DISTRICT OF OBERWART. In response to the traffic light status “Orange”, the Oberwart District Commission will issue additional regulations regarding the maximum number of visitors for events and the catering facilities at sporting events.
Due to a sharp increase in new COVID-19 infections in the Oberwart district in the past seven days, the Corona traffic light commission has decided to set the Oberwart district to the “Orange” traffic light phase.

The Oberwart district is now orange at the Corona traffic light

Stricter measures

In order to curb the spread of Covid-19, the Oberwart District Authority, as the responsible health authority, is planning to prescribe additional measures specially adapted to the current epidemiological situation.
Since the measures previously prescribed in the districts with the traffic light status “Orange” have proven to be appropriate, in addition to the provisions of the federal government, regulations for events regarding the maximum number of visitors are prescribed. In addition, regulatory measures in the catering sector apply to sporting events. The federal government is still waiting for the approval required for the ordinance to come into force.

Maximal 250 Persons Indoor

In the Oberwart district, events with exclusively assigned and marked seats with more than 250 people in closed rooms and with more than 500 people in the open air area are prohibited in the district of Oberwart.
The following also applies to sporting events: The catering area must be closed when the game is over. In addition, the canteen area may not be entered by people who are not outside the canteen, ie the sale and serving of food and beverages is only permitted via a distribution point.

83 infected people

The executive will monitor compliance with the regulations. Violations of the provisions of this ordinance will be punished in accordance with the criminal provisions of the COVID-19 Measures Act and the Epidemic Act.
As of today, there are 83 people infected with the corona virus in the Oberwart district. The ordinance is expected to come into force on October 19, 2020.

25 new infections in Burgenland

According to the Coronavirus coordination staff, there have been 25 new infections in Burgenland since yesterday. The number of people currently infected is 320. In the hospitals in Burgenland, 22 (+7) people with COVID-19 are treated in isolation, 4 of them are in intensive care.
For people who experience symptoms such as fever, cough or breathing difficulties, the following still applies: Stay at home and choose the free health advice 1450, where the next steps will be clarified.

25 new infections, 859 people in quarantine

The Oberwart district administration is planning to tighten events.


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