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Corona virus: This is how a Frankfurt resident makes thousands of people stay at home

Frankfurt-based Florian Reifschneider has had enough of people who do not follow the precautionary measures to slow down the dangerously rapid spread of the corona virus in the world. “Stay the fuck home!”, “Damn it stay home!” He demands on Twitter. Since then, the hashtag has been going around the world. Thousands of people follow his advice. Reifschneider has even developed a so-called quarantine manifest. In it, he calls for the most important protective and precautionary measures to be observed – such as less traveling and washing your hands regularly. He is not primarily concerned with everyone protecting himself, he explains in an interview with the star. Instead, it is important to him to protect the 20 percent of high-risk patients: those who are old, have previous illnesses or have a weakened immune system.

“We should all be concerned about whether the personal inconvenience caused by the measures we propose is really justification enough to endanger millions of people who are at higher risk of suffering badly from the disease,” says he.

Reifschneider has not left his house since the campaign started

Reifschneider is not satisfied with the implementation of the measures in Germany to date. “Wherever large-scale events have been banned elsewhere for weeks and schools are closed, there was still discussion in Germany earlier this week about whether people should be allowed to go to the stadium for football or not.”

In view of the situation in Italy, everyone should have known last week what measures would have to be taken “to protect us from the same situation”. This would only happen if we finally stayed at home.

He himself hadn’t left the house since the start of his campaign. “As far as possible, I live privately with my girlfriend in self-quarantine in our apartment in Frankfurt. Apart from short trips to shopping, there has been no reason for us to go public in the past three weeks.” He had spent a lot of time cooking and cleaning thoroughly. “Things you can’t get to under normal circumstances just walking out of the house.”

Clinical staff in Kiel are thanked for their work in coronavirus times

In his company Rocketloop in Frankfurt, all employees have stayed in the home office for two weeks. That is what Reifschneider recommends to every company. “We try to compensate for the lack of social contact with colleagues with daily video calls at lunchtime with the entire team and joint video game rounds at the end of the day.”

Reifschneider shows how easy it can be to contain the explosive spread of the virus. With all caution, he also advises: “Don’t be panicked, but watchful.”

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