Tuesday, 18 Dec 2018

Coronation Street fans horrified by the evil Hope BITES Ruby in an animal-like attack

Coronation fans were horrified tonight after Hope Stape BIT Ruby attacked like an animal.

Fiz initially refused to send Hope to a specialized unit in Birmingham, but realized that she needed to ask her daughter for help after crossing the line again. 39; arrival.

The badly led brat, who has already bitten his teacher and sent his grandmother's dog on a streetcar bound for Rochdale, caught Ruby's arm and stuck his teeth

The ridiculous reason for this vicious attack is that Ruby grassed Hope and revealed that she had not washed her hands.

Tyrone furiously ran to Hope while shouting to Hope and sent him directly to his room.

Hope had an argument with Ruby at dinner time

She thrust her teeth into Ruby's arm like an animal

Evelyn, who was defending Hope for once, was stunned, while poor Fiz looked devastated.

Insisting that they had to leave, Fiz said, "I can not take it anymore, you're right, she has to go to this place, we've let her down."

Tyrone told him that they could not "separate the family" by taking Hope to Birmingham.

"That's the only way," said Fiz, who was resigned to leaving the cobblestones.

Fiz was horrified

Evelyn's jaw dropped

Earlier, the two men had gone to Toyah for advice on getting help for Hope.

She explained that the places in a specialized center were hard to find and that they had to act now.

Evelyn also criticized Hope again, claiming that she was "Weatherfield's answer to Cruella De Vil" and that she did not want to see her in a Channel 5 documentary.

Is she the offspring of the devil?

Corrie's spectators went on Twitter after witnessing the brutal attack.

A spectator said, "Do not bite, no, this child is becoming a cannibal or a zombie!"

Another added, "I can not believe that Hope has almost bit Ruby, omg!"

A third said: "Will anyone ever have a child who does not turn out to be the devil's offspring?"

* Coronation Street airs tonight on ITV TV at 7:30 pm and 8:30 pm

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