Coronavirus: 1000 people demonstrate in Lachen SZ

Federal President Simonetta Sommaruga receives thousands of letters and emails from the population in the corona pandemic. And it looks similar in the other departments, said Uvek’s deputy communications manager Géraldine Eicher on SRF radio.

Usually the Federal President receives about 30 letters a day, said Eicher in the program “This morning” on Monday. Now there are significantly more: “In the last few months the number of letters has multiplied. We received thousands. “

Four out of five letters were about Corona. “Corona, Corona and again Corona,” said Sommaruga’s spokeswoman. It is similar in the other departments. There are no typical letter writers in a crisis. “Some write that this is their first time writing to someone from the government. That also shows how serious the worries are. “

The mood has darkened

The tone ranges from friendly, praising, worried, demanding to angry and desperate. Compared to spring, the mood has now darkened. It shows a certain Corona fatigue.

For example, a citizen’s letter to the Federal President, which was quoted in the radio report, says: “To be honest, my hope has been gone for a few weeks. I feel abandoned, lost and sometimes just angry about the inconsistent measures taken by the authorities. “

Another letter from the people to Simonetta Sommaruga says: “If we don’t parry, we’ll be fined or even arrested, and the business will be closed. Do you still feel what is happening to the people in this country? “

In part, experts are involved to create clarity, said Eicher. The letters are something like a seismograph of society. They also showed how moved the population is. “If, for example, the number of cases increases, the number of letters also increases and vice versa.” (SDA)

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