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Coronavirus: 22 other people in Wales diagnosed the total number with Covid-19 at 60

Twenty-two new coronavirus cases have been confirmed in Wales, which now brings the total to 60.

Ten of the new cases are all in the Swansea local authority area with new cases in eight other local authority areas, including the first in Bridgend.

In Wales, around 945 people have been tested for coronavirus.

Dr. Chris Williams, director of the incident to respond to the new coronavirus (Covid-19) epidemic at Public Health Wales, said health officials were trying to identify close contacts in all new cases.

He said: “We can confirm that 22 new cases tested positive for the novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) in Wales, bringing the total number of confirmed cases to 60.

“The process of identifying and contacting close contacts in new cases is ongoing and we are taking all appropriate actions to protect public health.

“The positions of the local authorities of the new cases are:

  • Two in the local authority area of ​​Neath Port Talbot
  • Ten in the area of ​​Swansea local authorities
  • Two in the Caerphilly local authority area
  • Two in the Monmouthshire local authority area
  • One in the Conwy local authority area
  • One in the Cardiff local authority area
  • One in the Bridgend local authority area
  • One in the area of ​​local Carmarthenshire authorities
  • Two in the Powys local authority area

The following map shows where all 60 cases have been diagnosed in Wales:

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Williams added: “All patients are managed in clinically appropriate settings based on the assessment of an infectious disease consultant.

“No further details will be disclosed about these people and we ask those who report the situation to respect patient confidentiality.

“Public Health Wales is working with our partners in the Welsh government, the largest NHS in Wales and others now that we have entered the delayed phase of the UK’s coronavirus action plan. This is not now just an attempt to contain the disease, as far as possible, but to delay its spread.

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“The most common symptoms of the novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) are the recent onset of a new continuous cough and / or high temperature.

“For most people, the new coronavirus (COVID-19) will be a mild infection. If you have symptoms of coronavirus infection, however mild, stay home and don’t leave home for seven days after symptoms begin. This action will help protect others in your community while you are contagious.

“The public has a crucial role to play in curbing the spread of the virus and we are encouraging people to wash their hands more often and for 20 seconds. Use soap and water or hand sanitizer when you go home or work, blow your nose, sneeze or cough, eat or handle food. This advice will help you protect yourself and others. ”

“As of March 12, 2020, 945 people in Wales have been tested for the novel Coronavirus (COVID-19).


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