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Coronavirus, 23% of travelers returning by car to North Naples are positive

twelve o’clockMay 4, 2020 – 5:25 pm

The sample checks carried out in the morning at the toll booth showed that 14 out of 60 people were positive for the rapid test. Now wait for the swab. But not all motorists can be stopped. No positive on trains

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If the return from the North to Campania with the trains showed maximum safety and no risk of contagion, the real danger for the spread of Covid 19 represented by the mass exodus by car. Uncontrollable, unless you want to block the entire flow of vehicles that arrive at the Campania toll booths. And precisely from the sample checks on the highway, carried out by the police with rapid tests, worrying data emerged. At the Napoli Nord toll booth, as Tagad anticipated, the La7 broadcast conducted by Tiziana Panella, on the sample of 60 controlled travelers from Northern Italy, tested a positive result of just over 23%: 14 people. And even more worryingly, none of them were aware of having contracted the disease. Now we have to wait for the swab to understand if they have not been false positives. But still the alarming fact remains.

From the first train arriving in Naples from Milan, however, no infected travelers. Nobody had a temperature above 37.5 degrees and therefore no serological test was carried out – noted Olimpia Abbate, director of the Polfer compartment for Campania – we knew there would be an increase in travelers this morning but all got on or boarded the trains respecting the safety distance, following an order that will become a habit.

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