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Coronavirus: Amazon France will control the temperature of its employees

Amazon finally reacts. After having aroused the controversy over the maintenance of home deliveries, helped, it is true, by the many requesting customers, the Amazon company will supply masks to its 13,000 employees in France and, as in the United States, put in place a control of their temperature at the entrance of the sites, announced this Friday the boss of the French branch of the giant of online business.

“The authorities do not ask us to work today with masks and yet from today, in all Amazon France buildings, employees will be equipped with masks at their request,” announced the Director General of Amazon France, Frédéric Duval on RTL. “From Monday, we will have a temperature control by thermal camera at the entrance of the sites in France”.

Anger of employees and unions

The boss of Amazon France also gave all his support “to a colleague from Brétigny (Essonne) who was taken care of” in intensive care after being contaminated. “We hope he will get out of there,” he added. Three site employees are also sick.

For several days, the American brand has faced the anger of its employees and union organizations, who are demanding better protections against the coronavirus. Sunday, Amazon was directly singled out by Muriel Pénicaud, the Minister of Labor. “We have applied from the start all the recommendations made by the government very strictly and gradually as they appear,” said Frédéric Duval, ensuring that he had the Minister of Labor on the phone and the ‘had invited to come and see “for itself” in its distribution centers.

In the North, the CGT nevertheless announced its intention to file a complaint for “endangering the lives of others”, the management having refused to certain employees to exercise their right of withdrawal. If the firm has announced that it is interrupting non-essential deliveries, it nevertheless allows its customers to pass them with an extended delivery time.

“I wish that we, Amazon, have a modest role in managing this crisis, that we are a resource for many French people to stay at home,” he added, indicating that Amazon had “stock “

In the United States, the parent company of Amazon announced overnight that it would provide thermometers, masks and disinfectant to its employees, three days after a strike by employees and deliverymen demanding protection against the coronavirus.

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