Coronavirus. An experiment illustrates the rapid spread of Covid-19 during a meal

Are you going to take advantage of the deconfinement to share an aperitif with friends or with your loved ones? This experience could make you want to. A Japanese TV channel, NHK released images of an experiment by scientists, reports The Obs .

Ten participants were invited to a buffet meal. One of them, representing patient zero, coated his hands, with everyone’s knowledge, with a fluorescent liquid, only visible under black light.

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Then, everyone took advantage of the dinner, serving in turn on the buffet provided. After only half an hour of situation, the researchers turned on the black light. The finding was instructive.

All the participants had traces of the famous liquid on their hands, three even had it on their faces. Cutlery, glasses and plates also had them.

Illustration of the risks on cruise ships

This test can be transposed to the risks on cruise ships or at weddings, say the researchers. He also underlines the need to scrupulously respect barrier gestures.

Especially since all the guests knew who the “zero patient” was, while in the case of the Covid-19, it is not uncommon to be asymptomatic.

In addition, the fluorescent liquid only spread by contact, while SARS-CoV-2 is also transmitted by droplets, which can remain suspended in the air. However, in a meal, it is unlikely that the guests wear a protective mask.


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