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Coronavirus and phase 2: no self-certification for work, walks and sports

Entering “phase 2” of the coronavirus emergency involves fewer tasks for citizens and therefore greater responsibility. Because self-certification will only serve in some cases and the reopening of offices and companies will bring many more people around. And therefore the circular issued yesterday by the Interior Ministry urges those who carry out the checks to “evaluate the cases with a prudent and balanced appreciation” and echoes to respect “the assembly ban”. But above all the rules, now known, to combat Covid-19.

The module

To go to work, just show your company card or letter. It will be necessary to complete the self-certification (downloadable here) to justify the medical visits and those to the relatives indicating the degree of kinship, but not the identity of the person who is going to find to protect privacy.

The mask

It is mandatory to wear it – for adults and children under 6 years of age – when distance cannot be maintained. But also on public transport, in shops and when the relatives meet. Commercial workers must also wear it, as well as gloves, and the same devices must be used by customers who buy food. It should be put on during funerals. In some regions such as Lombardy, it must also be kept when outdoors.


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The restart from Monday 4 May
The dispensers

Dispensers for disinfectant are mandatory at the entrance of offices and companies, in shops they must be near the checkouts.

Out of region

You can move within the region of residence. Those who stay out can return to their home but then they cannot go back unless they have work or health reasons. In some regions (among others Campania, Molise, Basilicata, Puglia, Sicily) those who return must stay in quarantine for 14 days.

Second houses

In the Dpcm on “phase2” there is no express ban on moving to second homes, but it is specified that you can only go there for maintenance. And in general, travel is allowed only for four reasons: work, medical visits, absolute urgency, visits to relatives. And therefore it is not allowed to move.

Takeaway food

Pubs, restaurants, ice cream parlors and patisseries are closed to the public but will be able to do home delivery and take away food but customers will not be allowed to eat it in the restaurant or stop nearby.

The walks

You can walk not near your home and to go to the shops. Spacing must be maintained when other people cross paths.

Parks and sports

The parks are reopened and you can go for physical activity as long as the distance of two meters is maintained. Instead, the children’s play areas remain closed. You can go cycling and train individually even in sports centers. You have to train yourself even if you are part of a team.

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