Coronavirus April 3. Mexico reaches 60 killed by Covid-19; 1,688 cases

The positive cases of Covid-19 coronavirus in Mexico arrived this Friday at 1,688.

In a press conference from the National Palace, it was also reported that the number of deaths reached 60, 10 more than yesterday.

There are also 5,398 suspected cases and more than 15,000 people studied.

The distribution among the deceased follows the trend of more than 80% men.

During the press conference, Mónica Maccise, head of the National Commission to Prevent Discrimination, detailed several identified cases of discrimination in the context of the coronavirus pandemic, such as xenophobia against people with oriental traits.

Hugo López-Gatell, Undersecretary of Health, said that in this rainy season, precipitation neither increases nor decreases the contagion by this virus.

He also said that although in the normal calendar this Monday the holidays would start, this will not be the case. “There is no vacation,” said López-Gatell, in attention to the restriction measures.

In the meantime, watch the live conference here:



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