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Coronavirus destroyed show business: only stars with millions of dollars will survive

by drbyos

Members of well-known groups left without livelihoods

Almost all of Russia went into quarantine mode, of course, concerts and performances were canceled. While the most popular artists are having a rather fun unplanned holiday at home, with friends and relatives, their assistants, musicians, dancers, PR specialists, and other staff members are trying to understand in panic what they should do in 2020? What to live on? And where to look for work?

MK spoke with the famous concert director Yevgeny Morozov about the prospects of the future show business.

– I am the owner of a large company organizing concerts and other events, but my business is so built that I have little dependence on anything. No, I’m not boasting, it’s just there, as it is, ”Morozov began. – Today, in the music business, I am engaged in auditing, consulting, strengthening Russian national music. But sometimes I can organize very expensive corporate parties.

– Have you personally been hit by the economic crisis and the coronavirus epidemic?

– I do not care. I am sitting in the studio, talking with colleagues from the USA, they write songs there, work is in full swing, as I have here. Although the situation in the virus is deplorable.

– Who in the world of show business, in your opinion, will be affected by quarantine?

– So: top artists had a lot of work before the crisis and the virus! They mowed like that! It’s okay if quarantine is announced for a year or a half, no one dies and nothing is lost. Relax at home. Believe me, every mastodon of our stage has many millions of dollars in stock today. Everything is fine with them personally, they can close at home and wait calmly for two, three years. Moreover, almost all of them have studios.

– So, you can not worry about our artists, they will not die of hunger?

“Lord, all will be well with them!” But the staff will have a hard time. Basically, these are people who came to the capital. A huge number of people were left without work – musicians, dancers. Here we calculated: over the past week, five hundred musicians left Moscow, who realized that they would not be able to earn money: the hostels were closed, there was nothing to pay for apartments, all orders for corporate parties, records were canceled. For example, Irina Allegrova canceled a whole tour! Can you imagine ?! The musicians were left without work! They do not know who to go to work, and Irina Allegrova is doing well.

“But the coronavirus will pass sooner or later, what will happen next?”

– And here further problems with musicians will begin: in half a year, a year. Until they return to Moscow, rent housing, we will skid for another six months. This is very bad for the music industry. Moscow left people who lived from paycheck to paycheck. Why do I know that? I received phone notifications from many musicians with approximately the same text: “Eugene, don’t count on me, I left Moscow.”

– When are the first concerts possible after quarantine?

– Tentatively, as I believe, only in June. It will be a difficult situation. People have nothing to eat today, all because our economy worked so well in recent years that almost everyone lived from paycheck to paycheck. And since there is no accumulation, then people will be ready for anything. Some – work for a penny, while others – refuse entertainment, because there will simply be nothing to buy tickets for.

– Is it so bad? This is not the first crisis, and somehow show business was surviving!

– One thing is important: the industry is now destroyed, and before that it was bloated. But, to be honest, I’m glad that this all happened because dumped musicians left. That’s it, now the dope is over. Only the strong, mastodons will remain. Well, such producers as I, who back in the 90s defended their rights, fought with bandits … Am I really afraid of some kind of coronavirus ?! I’ve gone so much … They threw a grenade at me several times. Can you imagine how many times I watched death in my eyes ?! And then some coronavirus!

– It is known that artists are essentially more frivolous people, how do they perceive a pandemic in the industry?

– And I personally, and the artists, we all perfectly understand that the virus is, as there is oncology, and smallpox, and diabetes. My American friends tell me that after a coronavirus, if a person is ill, the immune system will be broken until the end of days, the lung function will not be fully restored. There are few ventilators, but what can I do? Of course, I would not want to get sick. We hope for the best, and there … For all the will of God.


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