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Coronavirus: Eventim does not feel a drop in sales

Germany has full control over the worry of the rapid spread of the coronavirus. More and more events are canceled or postponed. And Minister of Health Jens Spahn (39) has now recommended that events with more than 1,000 participants be canceled. This would also affect a large part of the concerts and shows of the event organizer Eventim. So far, however, this has not been affected by increased cancellations.

“The majority of our events and events take place in the summer and in the second half of the year. Based on the current situation, there is no reason to assume that the big festivals will not take place in the open air in the summer,” explains event spokesman Thomas Kollner Request from the news agency spot on news. So the ticket sales did not decrease noticeably. An “increased return of purchased tickets” could not be observed so far.

Magdeburg prohibits the first events

In risk areas such as Italy or Switzerland, however, isolated events have been “postponed due to official orders”. And in Magdeburg, too, the responsible health department issued “the first official order not to allow concerts, sports and other events with more than 1,000 visitors to take place from now on,” added Kollner. Authorities could rely on “fast and comprehensive cooperation”.

If an event was canceled due to an official order, the organizer would try to postpone it. The tickets would then remain valid. “If no replacement date can take place, the admission price will be refunded.” Information about the status of a booked event can at any time in the Eventim “Help Center” be queried.

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Concertgoers should inform themselves

Communicating concrete protective measures or instructions to concertgoers is not an option. Eventim trusts that the “customers themselves will take action, pay attention to personal hygiene and take into account the current information offers, for example from the Ministry of Health or the Federal Center for Health Education”.

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